Holistic Moms presents The Health Hazards of a Wireless World

On Wednesday, February 29, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., the Holistic Moms Network presents “Electromagnetic Pollution: Environmental Health Hazards of the Wireless Revolution.” This free talk at Wainwright House addresses the dangers posed by cell towers, transmitters, cell phones, smart meters, wireless laptops and tablets. “These are all sources of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (NIEMR),” says Deborah Kopald, a public health expert who will examine the environmental ramifications of the continual use of cell phones and Wi-Fi. Kopald will also discuss proximity to cell towers and transmitters and continual exposure to NIEMR sources, including compact fluorescent lamps and cordless phones, in the context of large-scale problems like asbestos, chlorofluorocarbons and smoking.   

In addition to offering an historical overview of the science and politics of this issue, Kopald will present some public policy solutions to limit NIEMR exposures. She’ll also give tips on lowering personal exposure to electromagnetic radiation in the home and office. Ideas include moving furniture away from electromagnetic field hot spots and changing habits around using these devices.

The Wainwright House is located at 260 Stuyvesant Avenue in Rye. For more information about the Holistic Moms Network visit HolisticMoms.org.

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