Find Your Favorite Yoga Studio or Teacher

Natural Awakenings’ YOGA PROFILES for 2015 in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess, NY

Find your favorite yoga studio or teacher

We are fortunate to have many experienced and heart-centered yoga teachers in our area. Natural Awakenings presents the following profiles to help you find your ideal teacher and studio.


Affinity Yoga Center

Melanie Hanna, owner

129 Clove Branch Rd., Hopewell Junction, NY

845.427.1852 • •

Philosophy and focus: We are a sangha (a heart-centered core group) dedicated to developing a larger sangha comprised of students in our community seeking to discover the potential within all of us. Through our mindfully focused classes, we provide a unique opportunity and an ideal environment for a resonating core group (our students) to enter a whole new way of being, arising from self-awareness and self-empowerment. We’re dedicated to meeting our community where they are and providing practices that are accessible to all levels.

What type of yoga do you offer? We specialize in prana-focused meditative practice (Meditation in Motion), Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Gentle, Therapeutic and Chair Yoga, all steeped in Pantanjali’s yogic philosophy.

What’s it like? It’s a peaceful environment, set apart from foot and car traffic, energetically supportive of delving deep within.

What else? We offer workshops with varying focuses. Coming soon will be Partner Playshops, Tai Chi and/or Qigong and Yoga Nidra. We reward our students with free classes when they bring a friend, and we have special incentives for anyone brand-new to yoga.  


BodySculpt by Karen

Karen M. Shaw, owner

83 Paulding Ln., Cortlandt Manor, NY

914.522.1297 • •  •

Philosophy and focus: I believe that for your whole person to be healthy, your mind needs to be free of negative thoughts and your body free of unwanted stress. Your body has to be nurtured, strengthened and free of toxins. Your spiritual self has to be developed and aware. When any one of these personal aspects is not performing optimally, your ability to function optimally is affected. My focus is on my students, of course.

What type of yoga do you offer? I offer in-home, group or private sessions. My style of yoga is Power Yoga, YogaFit, Back Safe Yoga, Flow Yoga and most of the time a mix of yoga styles. I tailor my practice to whatever I am feeling from my students or clients—basically, what is needed at that particular moment. I offer Reiki Training Levels I, II and Mastership, privately or in a group setting.

What’s it like? Due to the fact that my own energy vibe can be high, you’ll get an energetic feel in my class. In the end, though, it is very important that there is a calming energy vibe in order to rest, relax and rejuvenate. That’s largely due to my Reiki practice. Again, I stress the fact that it all depends on what type of vibe/energy I am feeling from my students or clients.

What else? I started out as a certified personal trainer/aerobics instructor. Since then, I have become a certified yoga instructor, a Reiki master/teacher, and an ordained interfaith minister. I studied under Brian Kest Power Yoga and YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide, and I studied shamanism with the Huichol Indian tribe of Mexico.


Golden Temple Yoga Studio

Rai Kaur, founder and owner

223 Katonah Ave., Katonah, NY

914.232.3473 • •

Philosophy and focus: We apply the science of Kundalini Yoga to our bodies and minds so it uplifts the spirit, expands the consciousness and provides a sense of balance, wholeness and completeness. These multiple benefits support positive, personal transformation and build community.

What type of yoga do you offer? Kundalini Yoga is at our core! Our practice also offers meditation and gong relaxation. And we are uniquely positioned to combine Kundalini Yoga and mental health therapy—a powerful combination for healing.

What’s it like? Golden Temple Yoga is a sacred space for deep practice that results in a more fulfilled life. You can feel yourself relax as soon as you enter the space. We offer a supportive, encouraging and noncompetitive class atmosphere, and our teachers help the process unfold. We’re a hidden refuge right in downtown Katonah, and everyone is welcomed. 

Do you offer teacher training? We offer teaching training and ongoing training for certified teachers who are interested in mentoring and peer-to-peer learning.

What else? We offer extended gong meditations, kirtans (music events based on ancient chants), specialty meditations, and Aquarian Sadhana (a practice directed toward group consciousness). We also offer therapeutic combinations of yoga and therapy, and group and individual therapy.


Here&Now Yoga+Body

Jocelyn Koenig, owner

138 Garth Rd., Scarsdale, NY

914.725.5347 • •

Philosophy and focus: Yoga is a strengthening, empowering and mindful practice, no matter one’s age or fitness level. Yoga and fitness benefit the mind, body and soul. Our classes build confidence and balance that transfer from the mat and into daily life! Here&Now focuses on building strength of both body and mind. Students will be challenged but nurtured in our alignment-based classes. Whether Yoga, Barre or Core Fusion, classes are creative, playful and mindful.

What type of yoga do you offer? Here&Now offers a wide selection of classes so there is something for everyone. Yoga classes are primarily Vinyasa Flow, meaning that postures are linked from one to the other in a mindful, creative and sweaty sequence. For beginners we offer plenty of basics classes to fit every schedule, as well as a stretch class. For a full-body workout, we have Barre Fitness and Core Fusion classes. Yoga is for kids, too—there is a range of classes to suit every age.

What’s it like? Here&Now is a vibrant community providing a welcoming, open space for anyone and everyone to come together to practice. Here&Now is for everyone, and any pose can be made accessible for every student.

What else? We have Prenatal, Parent/Baby, Parent/Tot and Kids classes for ages 3 and up. We also have a class for children who require specific accommodations. We are excited to offer Family Yoga on Sundays, so the whole family can enjoy the practice together.


Inner Balance Studio

Kate Petagine, Alma Pink & Gabrielle Semel, owners

1072 Route 311, Patterson, NY

845.878.7800 • •

Philosophy and focus: Yoga is both the means and the end to finding a sense of peace with oneself and one’s surroundings, and recognizing one’s intrinsic strengths and gifts as tools for self-discovery. Inner Balance is a safe, welcoming, open space to explore this practice. We have a multifaceted approach to finding and developing strength, flexibility, awareness and community.

What type of yoga do you offer? We offer many styles of yoga, ranging from Gentle and Yin to more active Vinyasa-based practices. Our teachers are all classically trained and approach the practice from the foundation of the Eight Limbs.

What’s it like? We offer a warm space with conscious, compassionate teachers and a welcoming community that is passionate about and embraces the practice.

Do you offer teacher training? Inner Balance Studio will host Amy Pearce-Hayden this fall as she leads the RajaHatha School of Yoga 500-Hour Yoga Certification. The course is designed to take your teaching and practice to the next level by honing your dharma, expanding your community, refining your eye and developing your intuition.

What else? We offer Community Yoga and a Reiki Circle monthly. Group mat Pilates classes also available.


Therapeutic/Private Yoga with Tracey Pagan

Serving Westchester and Fairfield counties

914.621.1446 •  •

Philosophy and focus: Life challenges us. Our bodies carry our stories. Our histories, transitions, ailments and heartaches are as unique as our fingerprints. Yoga enables us to lighten the load. Precise asana (pose) practice is the “medium” in which students first learn to correct structural imbalances, address emotional challenges and move through life transitions. With consistency, as form and balance are restored, the breath develops, the nervous system steadies and the mind calms. Students experience a quiet confidence and comfort in their own skin.

What type of yoga do you offer? Students are guided toward a deeper sense of physical, emotional and intellectual well-being in an emotionally safe environment by developing holistic life skills deeply rooted in the teachings of B. K. S. Iyengar. Eastern teachings are respectfully synchronized with modern western science. We design for each student a comprehensive, individualized program to meet both immediate challenges and long-term goals.

What’s it like? Our approach is safe, practical and skillful ... with a healthy dose of humor!

Do you offer teacher training? Yes. With 22 years of yoga teaching experience, and holding Yoga Alliance’s highest mark of E-RYT 500 (500+ hours of training/2,000+ hours of teaching), I facilitate both beginner and experienced teachers, helping them refine their own teaching skills and add depth to their individual practice.

What else? Under the guidance of senior Iyengar Yoga teachers, I rehabilitated my own spinal/neurological injuries as a result of an automobile accident almost 30 years ago. I am pleased and fortunate to offer that same level of instruction and expertise to my students.


Energy Movement Center

Darby Melnik, studio owner

923 South St., 2nd Floor, Peekskill, NY

914.930.1504 •  •

Philosophy and focus: Our philosophy at Energy Movement Center is to teach people how to reach their health and fitness goals through holistic and restorative processes. Everyone needs a variety of options to achieve and maintain a strong, healthy body, mind and spirit. The focus of our studio is to combine alternative styles of workouts and disciplines, including Yoga, Qigong and Tai Chi as well as Pilates and strength and flexibility classes. By engaging in a variety of workouts, we help you restore health, increase energy and lower stress. 

What type of yoga do you offer? We offer Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, Slow Flow Vinyasa, Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Pilates Mat, and Meridian Flexibility Stretching. We also offer Yoga Fusion and Cardio/Sculpt classes.

What’s it like? Our boutique-style atmosphere—including original wood floors, exposed brick walls and wood beams that date back to the late 19th century—yields to a real sense of connection to nature. The natural light coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows brings the outside in and allows for beautiful light changes as the sun sets during evening classes.

What else? Every month we do a two-hour meditative painting workshop called the Meditative Canvas, where participants begin the process through a guided meditation focused on self-reflection and are invited to express their insights on canvas. All materials are provided. Check our website for more workshops.


RawJawRick Panson

Certified instructor, Yamuna Body Rolling & Foot Fitness

Restorative Yoga based on Hatha breath

212.533.5256 • •

Yamuna philosophy: There is no need to feel “old” as we grow older. A fully aligned body, with all its capacity for movement free and available (with no restrictions or pain), is the most beautiful body possible.

Practice focus: Mine is a Restorative Hatha breath-based practice using Yamuna’s specially designed balls and foot-wakers to stimulate bone, tendon and muscle. The purpose is to lengthen and traction all areas of the body.

What type of yoga do you offer? Yamuna’s work is a self-care technique that combines a toning body workout with self-massage and a “chiropractic-like” realignment of the skeleton.  This frees one from pain and opens up the circulation, lymphatic and digestive systems.

What’s it like? Yamuna’s patented system involves self-massage on air-inflated rubber balls of various sizes, five to eleven inches, plus foot-wakers, devices to wake up and align the feet.  (Learn more at We’re rolling on the floor with balls and learning how to relieve tension in our bodies all the way down to the bones. The vibe is fun, and the feeling is great!

What else? I’m interested in bringing Yamuna Body Rolling and Foot Fitness to various yoga studios around Westchester.


Putnam Yoga

Christine M. Dodge, owner

Located in the Dance Shop II, 30 Tomahawk St.,

Baldwin Place, NY

845.494.8118 •  •

Philosophy and focus: Our goal is to help you build your strength and flexibility in a safe, supportive environment, allowing you to meet challenges on and off the mat. We welcome yoga participants at all levels to safely enjoy the many benefits of yoga for both the body and the mind.

What type of yoga do you offer? Putnam Yoga is different from other studios because it combines traditional yoga poses with gym-based moves while offering unique sequencing into and out of poses. We specialize in fitness-based yoga classes that will challenge seasoned yogis and beginners alike. Our classes combine a unique variety of innovative and traditional yoga styles that are designed to target every muscle in your body. You will not only increase your flexibility, but you will also gain strength and agility. 

What’s it like? Putnam Yoga’s vibe is welcoming, friendly, caring and calming.

What else? We offer a 10-week Beginner Workshop and specialty Prenatal Yoga based on demand. We also offer Power Yoga classes on Tuesday nights. It’s geared for more advanced yogis who seek a more challenging practice and want to take their strength up a notch as well. We will be offering a 10-week Fundamentals Workshop starting September 22, 2015, at 10 a.m.


Quest Yoga Arts

Laura Jensen, owner

11-13 E. Main St., 2nd Floor, Mt. Kisco, NY

914.241.YOGA(9642) •  •

Philosophy and focus: Our focus is to join you in your quest for bringing balance to body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga, meditation and massage. We bring yoga to the community by offering classes and workshops for all ages and abilities, from Prenatal to Advanced Yoga. We offer Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Ishta, Kundalini, Restorative, Yin, Pre- and Postnatal, and even Nia and Barre classes.

What type of yoga do you offer? Quest Yoga Arts is a community yoga studio for all ages and abilities. We offer yoga classes from Beginner to Advanced and everything in between. Our foundation is Vinyasa-based, and we also offer Yin, Restorative, Kids’ Yoga, Nia, Belly Dance, Barre and Qigong, as well as specialty workshops and trainings.

What’s it like? Quest Yoga Arts is a serene and simple space in the heart of Mt. Kisco where your body and spirit will flourish as you experience the joys of yoga, meditation and bodywork.

Do you offer teacher training? Our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training starts October 30. There will be a Yoga Teacher Training Info Session and Free Community Classes on September 19, with meditation-, spiritual- and asana-based workshops and more.

What else? Quest is committed to helping and contributing to the community. Join us for Community Classes in Leonard Park Sundays at 10 a.m. (all donations go to the park) and for Free Community Classes throughout the year.


Riverstone Yoga

Patricia Fischer Donohue, owner/director

2 Hudson View Way, Tarrytown, NY

914.332.9642 • •

Philosophy and focus: We embrace different yoga styles, knowing that there are many paths to discovering who we are. We practice with fierceness, acceptance, love and compassion for ourselves and others. We believe yoga is for everyone. We are a practice, learning and teaching studio that’s a place for health and healing, a place to find and be a community. Ongoing trainings, workshops and events are designed to keep you informed, inspired and connected.

What type of yoga do you offer? We offer yoga for all: Beginners, Yoga for Men, Hot, Aerial and Vinyasa classes, River Barre (Riverstone’s unique barre class), Restorative, Ashtanga, Kids’ Yoga, Yoga for Teens, Yoga for Mommies, Pre- and Postnatal Yoga, Corporate Wellness, Community Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, MELT and more.

What’s it like? We practice “joyology”—the art of living an authentic life. We believe you should have fun while you keep fit, body and soul. At Riverstone, it’s not about the shape of your body, but the shape of your life.

Do you offer teacher training? Vinyasa (non-heated) and Hot Yoga styles are taught in our YA-200 training. Anton Mackey, the acclaimed anatomy professional, teaches this fall. Certain classes/workshops will be open to the public. Ongoing trainings will continue throughout 2015-16.

What else? We are an educational retreat center, host to healthy lifestyle programs and private parties, on or off site, that support you, your family or your business. We’re steps from the Hudson River, with full amenities and free parking, and we’re near the metro.


Virtue Mind Body Studio

Elaine M. Staltare, owner

155 Route 202 & Lovell Street, Somers, NY

914.437.4817 • •

Philosophy and focus: They say that “patience is a virtue.” At Virtue Mind Body Studio, we practice this philosophy as Socrates did. It takes patience to develop the balance of mind, body and spirit. Our classes and services provide you with the opportunity to reach your goals in your own time, and at your own pace. Whether you’re recuperating from an emotional, a physical or a psychological experience, Virtue was created to allow you the time to heal, energize and replenish.

What type of yoga do you offer? Virtue Mind Body Studio offers Restorative, Therapeutic, Chair Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. All classes are open level. Our practice is for those who need a personalized experience. The small-group concept accommodates those who have the need to be in a private and accepting environment. The space allows the student to feel completely comfortable and relaxed.

What’s it like? It is a private, boutique-style studio with an intimate and relaxing vibe. The studio is quiet, with no outside noise or interruptions. When our clients enter the studio space, they say they feel like they’re home.

Do you offer teacher training? Yoga training will be offered in the coming months.

What else? Virtue Mind Body specializes in stress management. We offer weekend Health & Wellness Symposiums that educate our community in the best ways to reduce tension through different stress-management techniques and classes. Some of these are yoga, guided meditation, nutritional and weight-loss consultation, health coaching, exercise and assisted stretching and bodywork. We also offer training in Reiki, guided meditation and additional styles of exercise and fitness.


SkyBaby Yoga & Pilates Studio

Melia Marzollo, owner

75 Main St., Cold Spring, NY

845.265.4444  •  •

Philosophy and focus: We believe in the power of collective energy—the power that one set of hands or one heart has to make a difference in the lives of our fellow humans. Our focus is to make a positive difference in our community through our collective energy. This studio seeks all eight limbs of yogic philosophy, not just asana. We strive for our being to be a source of light, health, strength and love. 

What type of yoga do you offer? SkyBaby Yoga & Pilates Studio is host to many different styles of yoga, both classes and private sessions, including Yin, Hatha, Power, Gentle, Kripalu, Restorative, Pre- and Postnatal, Kids’ Yoga, Meditation Yoga, SUP Yoga and Vinyasa. We also offer Pilates apparatus classes in our second-floor Pilates studio.

What’s it like? SkyBaby Studio is located in the heart of the historic village of Cold Spring, just a block from the Metro North Station and two blocks from the Hudson River. The studio space is open and expansive, and so are our instructors. We do not believe “one style fits all,” as is evident through our class and workshop offerings. The vibe is a noncompetitive, no gimmick approach to health and wellness for all bodies and all ages, with highly certified, compassionate instructors.


Still Mind Yoga

Kim Gold, owner

305 Central Ave., Ste. 2, White Plains, NY

914.648.0493 •

Philosophy and focus: Yoga is the practice of making the mind ready for meditation by creating ease in the body. We quiet the mind and strengthen the body. This philosophy dovetails with other healing arts offered at our center. Our focus is to transform people’s problems using the tools of yoga and mindfulness. Yoga can help with stress reduction, weight loss, physical ailments and much more, leading to a peaceful and happy life.

What type of yoga do you offer? We offer Integral Hatha Yoga (a gentle yet complete practice), Yin Yoga and a breath-centered, slow Vinyasa. Our teachers bring the main ideals of their style into the yoga studio, strengthening body and mind.

What’s it like? We’re supportive, low-pressure and personal. The space is bright, airy and well-cushioned. Yoga mats and equipment are provided as needed. Beginners are welcome.

What else? We teach Yoga and Meditation to complement and complete the other practices and wellness services offered by Integrated Peace Arts, a nonprofit organization. These include Mindful Life Weight Loss, Tai Chi, Qigong and Aikido, as well as workshops in EFT Tapping, etc. As we serve adults, children and special needs, we have affordable family pricing.


Westchester Body & Brain, Yoga & Tai Chi

Nicole Wasserman, assistant manager, Tao master, holistic healer

590 Central Park Ave., Scarsdale, NY

914.713.1333 •  •

Philosophy and focus: We want to improve people’s overall quality of life. They will enjoy deep energy, power, serenity and vitality in our classes and workshops. They will experience great joy, physical strength, emotional stability and spiritual wealth that will enhance all areas of their lives. As a leader in holistic wellness, we offer classes that include yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and traditional Korean healing philosophy and East Asian energy principles. We use a brain-centered approach that promotes an energetic, balanced and healthy lifestyle.

What type of yoga do you offer? We combine deep stretching, vibration, breathing, relaxation and energy meditation. From beginning to the end, you will feel your mind and body relax, your thoughts slow down, and your brain waves drop to a meditative state.

What’s it like? Our instructors are the nicest, most caring people you will ever meet. The energy of the center is that of a temple or a space out in nature.

Do you offer teacher training? Yes, but there is a process. Teachers need to experience the practice until they are energetically and spiritually qualified to guide others.

What else? We have many free workshops that are open to the public, where you can experience deep physical, emotional and mental healing. We also do private physical-energy-spiritual coaching and healing sessions. The most important workshop we offer is called “Finding Your True Self”: open your heart and find the true you! 


Yoga on Lake Rippowam

Stephanie Harding, owner

17 North Lake Circle, South Salem, NY

914.274.0007 •  •

Philosophy and focus: Yoga is a personal practice. My classes are small, so I am able to tailor my classes and private sessions uniquely, for each individual’s needs. You don’t have to be flexible or strong to practice yoga, but yoga will make you stronger and more flexible. The ultimate goal of Viniyoga is to discover your true nature and understand that it transcends your body, your conditions and even your emotions and thoughts. We can begin to approach this goal by becoming mindful of our breath and of sensations throughout our body, and by watching, in the mind’s eye, our thoughts and emotions. Even as we move through an asana practice, we keep these goals in mind.

What type of yoga do you offer? Classes and private sessions are held lakeside when weather permits, and in view of the lake otherwise. I primarily teach in the Viniyoga style, with breath-centered movement, repetition and stay, and a focus on each individual’s needs and goals.

What’s it like? Serene, jubilant, calm, energizing, friendly, relaxing.

What else? I am a certified yoga therapist. Yoga therapy uses the tools of yoga to help promote healing in a wide variety of conditions: structural, physiological and psychological. I offer workshops combining art and yoga (focusing on the chakras) and walking and yoga. Along with my colleague Lynn Crimando, I will be offering a Walking and Yoga weekend October 2-4 at the Stony Point Retreat Center. We will also be leading a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica in 2016.


Yoga Teachers Association of the Hudson Valley

PO Box 953, Nyack, NY 10960

914.222.3533 • •

Philosophy and mission: The YTA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of Hatha Yoga teaching as well as fostering the yoga community in the tri-state area. In fulfillment of our mission to offer affordable continuing education to yoga teachers and students, we offer monthly three-hour workshops led by both nationally recognized and locally accomplished instructors.

Organization’s focus: YTA workshops cover all styles of yoga and related practices. Upcoming topics include Kriya Yoga and Yoga Nidra, using your voice effectively, yoga and scoliosis, and the principles of backbending. A September 12 workshop featuring master teacher Glenn Black will be followed by our season-opening Prana Party featuring BlisSing. The 2015-16 series of workshops will be held from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. at Club Fit in Briarcliff Manor, NY. Workshops are $35 for members and $45 for nonmembers with advance payment, or $45/$55 at the door.

Membership details: Membership is $35 annually and is open to teachers, studio owners and individual practitioners. Members get $10 off each workshop, a monthly newsletter, and use of the Club Fit facilities on the day of the workshop.

Do you offer teacher training? We do not offer teacher training, but we do offer a complimentary year membership to yoga teacher trainees. Additionally, each workshop counts as three CEUs, so certified teachers can complete their continuing education requirement in just one year with the YTA.


The YogaScape

Heather Reiners, owner & director

64 Gleneida Ave., Carmel, NY

845.225.9642 • •

Philosophy and focus: Our goal is to provide a community-based space for all people, regardless of age, background or ability to gather, and to have accessible classes in modalities that support growth, healing and inspiration physically, mentally and spiritually. We are community-focused. To take a class at TheYogaScape is to experience a centering, a balancing, and to leave with a sense of renewal. Students will be guided and embraced for where they are.

What type of yoga do you offer? We have classes for all levels of experience. Students will be instructed and exposed to the many healing applications yoga offers. Classes range in style from flowing Vinyasa to Therapeutic Yoga—there is something for everyone.

What’s it like? You can expect to find a sacred and safe space, a temple of sorts, which awaits your arrival. The YogaScape is a healing center that is judgment-free. As we say, “Life’s too short for bad vibes.”

Do you offer teacher training? Yes. The YogaScape first began offering 200-hour Teacher Training in 2004 and has graduated teachers annually since. The YogaScape’s Level 1 Training is a six-month intensive with RajaHatha Yoga founder and former YogaScape owner Amy Pearce-Hayden.

What else? Private sessions are available for both Yoga and Reiki. We also host special workshops and events. We offer a Community Yoga class at reduced rate. Our new student specials are $30 for three classes, or $50 for two weeks of unlimited yoga.


Kundalini Workshop, Equinox Healing Night at Temperance Center

A Kundalini workshop and a special healing night for the fall equinox are among the upcoming special events to be held at the Temperance Center in Eastchester, NY.

Registered yoga teacher Patty Meehan will offer the Kundalini workshop September 20, 2015, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., using mudra, chants, breath, asanas and meditation. The cost is $40. The fall equinox healing night is a first ever for the Temperance Center, says owner Merrill Black. It will be held September 27 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. and will feature meditation, yoga, chanting, drumming and some other surprises. There’s a suggested donation of $20. Half the proceeds will go to charity.

As always, the Temperance Center will also offer regular yoga classes. “Many of our yoga classes combine pranayama and asanas to help students become mindful, slow down, build strength and flexibility and move energy, Black saysOur focus continues to be on healing to achieve that state of balance and harmony.

The Temperance Center is located at 453 White Plains Rd., Ste. 201/203, Eastchester, NY. For more info about upcoming events, classes or services, contact Merrill Black at 914.793.2600 or, or visit


Yoga Boutique Goes Mobile with Namaste Bus

Live Your Life Gear's mobile boutique, the Namaste Bus, is now on tour. Hudson valley resident Karla McGuire has expanded her Internet business selling active wear, taking her website on the road. 

“After 15 years of working behind a desk, I finally quit my day job to follow my dream,” McGuire explains. “In 2013, after becoming a single mom, I wanted extra income to help pay the bills. I had a retail background and a passion for yoga, fitness and fashion, so I decided to start a website to sell my favorite active wear.” But after two years of increasing business, and frustrated by poor retail property options for a physical storefront, McGuire decided to put the store on wheels—and the Namaste Bus was born.

The mobile boutique brings yoga wear and accessories to studios, gyms and festivals, where shoppers can find capris, leggings, tops, shorts and relaxed fits by top brands Onzie & Teeki. “These brands are made in the USA, and they’re as fashionable as they are functional, with cutting-edge fabrics and patterns,” McGuire says. “Teeki is an eco-conscious brand woven from recycled water bottles. Shandali yoga mats, towels and blocks are also available.”

Shop online at, or request the Namaste Bus for an event or studio by emailing or calling 845.797.1487.


Celebrate Peace, Love and Yoga in Historic Bethel, NY

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts will celebrate National Yoga Month on September 12, with a new festival, Live Well, Be Well. In addition to promoting an overall healthy lifestyle, the festival is focused on yoga – a practice of longstanding tradition at the site that was once home to the Woodstock festival.

Cost: $69 in advance, $75 day-of; $30 for students and veterans. Children 10 & under are free.  Purchase tickets at, Ticketmaster or by phone at 1.800.745.3000. For more information, visit


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June 2, from 7 to 10 p.m.
All-Natural Fizz Sticks Help Beat the Afternoon Slump

All-Natural Fizz Sticks Help Beat the Afternoon Slump

Arbonne has designed a vitamin-infused water mix-in intended to beat the afternoon slump.
Toner Is Vital to Skincare Routine

Toner Is Vital to Skincare Routine

“This one small step will go a long way to making a positive change in your skin."
Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture More than Skin Deep

Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture More than Skin Deep

The state of physical health, emotions and spirit is reflected on the skin, particularly on the skin of the face.
Natural Ways to Protect Skin from Sun Damage

Natural Ways to Protect Skin from Sun Damage

Skin damage occurs when the sun’s rays activate enzymes that form free radicals, which in turn destroy the collagen and elastin that give skin its strength and rebound quality.
Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique Opens in Pawling

Angel Aura Spiritual Boutique Opens in Pawling

The boutique also hosts workshops every Friday and Saturday from noon to 3 p.m. and/or 7 to 9 p.m.
Poughkeepsie Author to Teach Angel Class

Poughkeepsie Author to Teach Angel Class

June 16, from 1 to 4 p.m and June 21, from 6 to 7:30 p.m
Empowerment Expert Offers Book Signing, Workshop

Empowerment Expert Offers Book Signing, Workshop

May 5, from 4 to 5 p.m.
Living Juice Certified as Woman-Owned Business

Living Juice Certified as Woman-Owned Business

Founder Rosemary Devlin says Living Juice began with a mission to help people attain a lifestyle that is healthy, enriched and vibrant.
Westchester Land Trust Protects Rockefeller Property

Westchester Land Trust Protects Rockefeller Property

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust that permanently restricts a property’s development in order to protect its important conservation values.
Yards Should Welcome Mother Nature

Yards Should Welcome Mother Nature

Clean is nice indoors, but it’s not a concept that is recognized by the Earth.