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Classroom Success Depends on Visual-Motor Development

During development, children gain more confidence in visual information as a substitute for the information that they once gathered through their mouth and hands.

Open Throat, Open Mind

Voice coaching isn’t just for aspiring performers.

Tips for Buying CBD

The Healing Power of Pilates

Injuries, surgeries and the changes that come with age are often the catalysts that bring newcomers to Pilates.

Sleeping Green

As we try to implement a more natural lifestyle in all areas, switching to an organic mattress can be a simple yet profound way to reduce our chemical exposure.

A Natural Partnership

Natural Awakenings recently sat down to talk with Toohey about her latest partnership with Arbonne, a company known for its high standards.

Rethinking Mammography

Thermography can help women prevent cancer before it strikes

A Healing Vision Realized

An interview with Merrill Black, founder of The Temperance Center

Fasting with Food

A Conversation with Dr. Angelo Baccellieri

Flame Retardant Effects on Pregnancy

Many people are unaware of the toxins lurking in their home that can have damaging effects on our health.