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Dr. Kurt Beil on Ecotherapy:

Harness the Healing Power of Nature

New York Company Develops “Sweetener” to Combat Chronic Inflammation

The glycine supplement that Brind formulated, sweetamine, became the flagship product of Natural Food Science.

Dr. Laurie R. Mallis

Whole-Body Approach to Health Has Lasting Results

Expand Your Voice Expand Your Spirit

By changing our voice, we can change our lives and our spiritual connection to others.

New Noninvasive Treatments Can Result in Natural Face-Lift

As soon as you are born, your body starts aging.

Flame Retardants Dangerous for Children

Despite ongoing efforts to ban toxic flame retardants, these chemicals continue to be present in a variety of children’s products, from pajamas to mattresses.

Safe and Healthy Beauty at Fresh Organic Salon

Most people come to Fresh Organic Salon because they want to look and feel beautiful and they’ve heard about the dangerous ingredients in traditional salon products.

Transforming Lives through Yoga

The Slow Approach to Health and Happiness

How to Eat an Elephant