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Fair Trade Meets Sustainable Farming at Anatta

"One of Anatta’s main goals is to help farmers with their techniques to ensure crops are grown under ecologically sustainable, environmentally responsible and conflict-free conditions."

Tips for Buying Children’s Shoes by Dr. Pamela Hoffman

By choosing shoes carefully, you can help your child start the school year on the right foot.

A Conversation About Skin
 with Hilda Demirjian

"My work is more than a business. I am devoted to my clients and work with them to restore hope, confidence and self-esteem."

NuSpecies Whole-Food Supplements

How one company is using nutrition to improve the health of a malnourished generation

Feeling Overwhelmed?

When we’re taking care of others, we very rarely take the time to take care of ourselves.

Unburdening the Next Generation

Top Five Reasons for Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong

By performing the repetitive movements each day, you keep your muscles limber and stretched.

Simple Three-Minute Test Can Predict Disease

"To raise awareness of the health-saving potential of this simple measurement, I’m including a free phase angle test with all new-patient appointments throughout the month of April."

Eating Right, Made Easy

The made-to-order menu includes items like smoothies, açaí bowls, burgers, avocado toast and bagels with vegan cream cheese.

Autism's Gut-Brain Axis