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Patterson Property Owner Donates Land for Permanent Conservation

Owned by Benny Ciaiola, Birch Hill will remain in private hands and will not be open to the public.

Living Small in the Hudson Valley

Let’s consider some common possessions that have eco-friendly, social-friendly and just overall life-friendly alternatives right here in the Hudson Valley.

Classroom Success Depends on Visual-Motor Development

During development, children gain more confidence in visual information as a substitute for the information that they once gathered through their mouth and hands.

Open Throat, Open Mind

Voice coaching isn’t just for aspiring performers.

Inaugural Mycology Summit Addresses Themes of Justice

A fungi-themed week of collaborative learning, networking and skill building focused on regenerative design, bioremediation and environmental justice.

Enrollment Opens for Food Entrepreneur Training Program

The six-to-eight-month curriculum will begin in November.

Sunrise Solar Solutions Now Installs Solar Shingles

Sunrise Solar Solutions is the largest locally owned and operated solar company in Westchester, the Hudson Valley and the Tri-State Area, including northern New Jersey and Connecticut.

Sound Healing and the Hudson Valley

The use of Himalayan singing bowls is not new.

Tips for Buying CBD

Women’s Work

Now America is returning to its agricultural roots, embracing small farms run with natural practices. And often as not, the face of that small farm is female.