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Support for Women Who Juggle Too Much: New group led by Barbara Dunne, Ed.D., and Debra Hirshkowitz, Ph.D.

Barbara Dunne, Ed.D., and Debra Hirshkowitz, Ph.D., announce the launch of a women’s group at their offices in Bedford Hills. Both women are licensed clinical psychologists who aim to help other women manage their numerous roles and expectations in today’s society.

 “There is no shortage of media coverage about the multiple roles that women juggle and the toll that it can exert when we try to ‘do it all,’” says Dunne. “Dr. Hirschkowitz and I recognize that dilemma, both as women of a certain age and as clinicians who are treating women in this culture of expectations.”

Dunne and Hirshkowitz say that the group will cover how women manage their various personal relationships, along with the cultural and internal expectations about appearance, while trying to function as professionals and seeking to maintain their inner joy. “What we hope to create with this group is a safe and jubilant place where women can share and learn to assist themselves and each other,” says Dunne. “It’s not just an opportunity to ‘vent,’ which can sometimes increase our sense of frustration, but a place to constructively incorporate readings and psychological theory so as to empower women in their thought processes.”

Barbara Dunne and Debra Hirshkowitz practice at 66 Main St. in Bedford Hills, NY. For more info, email [email protected] or call 413.374.8224.