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Blood Test to Detect Foods that Trigger Inflammation: Dr. Marianne Messina now offers the ALCAT test

Aug 01, 2013 12:55PM

Dr. Marianne Messina

Dr. Marianne Messina, director of the Women’s Center for Holistic Healing in Cortlandt Manor, NY, now offers the ALCAT test as part of her wellness services. Messina says that this simple blood test can help practitioners to be more precise about therapeutic dietary planning.

“The ALCAT test identifies cellular reactions to more than 350 foods, chemicals and herbs,” she says. “These inflammatory reactions are linked to such chronic health problems as obesity, diabetes, asthma, chronic sinus and skin conditions, joint pain and digestive disorders.”

 The ALCAT test identifies food and chemical items that provoke a negative cellular response, which can trigger systemic inflammation and constant activation of the immune system, Messina says. “The ALCAT test is not for determining food allergies,” she notes. “It’s designed to test for intolerances, which are more common than food allergies and often have a delayed reaction.”

Messina, a holistic chiropractor integrating CranioSacral therapy, has more than 20 years of experience working with diverse individuals, ages and acute and chronic conditions.

The Women’s Center for Holistic Healing is located at 2241 Crompond Rd. in Cortlandt Manor, NY. For more information, visit or call 914.309.4741.

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