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Nonprofit Helps College Students Succeed: Longview School’s College Assistance Center in Brewster, NY

Aug 03, 2015 06:38PM

When it came to college, the third time was a charm for Katrina Sussman. She’d struggled in two traditional colleges before finally turning to a former high school teacher for help. “With the support of my old teacher and my family I was able to excel in all my courses,” she says. “The positive outcome of these unfortunate events caused me to want to help others who are facing the same obstacles.” That goal has come to fruition with Longview School’s College Assistance Center (LVCAC), a Brewster, NY, nonprofit that helps all college students succeed, including those with learning challenges such as Asperger’s and AD/HD.

Sussman, who cofounded the center, says that Longview School Director Mark Jacobs and LVCAC Director Emily Sussman brainstormed to come up with the best way to serve college students who need special help, creating a place where teachers understand their struggles and know how to help them succeed. “We also offer Skype sessions so we can reach out to as many students as possible,” says Emily Sussman.

Students receive custom-tailored plans to help them navigate their college courses, as well as one-on-one support from a teacher with experience mastering the issues they face. “All plans include review of essays, support completing coursework, help with keeping organized, understanding the requirements of each course, managing time and deciphering the language professors use when giving an assignment,” Sussman says. “Our teachers also advocate for students in conversations with professors and advisers.”

LVCAC is located at 89 Main St., within walking distance from the Brewster train station. For more information, visit or 845.363.8220.