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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Embodiment Workshops at the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab Spring 2016: In NYC and Westchester NY

Apr 26, 2016 12:09PM

Eileen Fisher

When Eileen Fisher began designing clothes 30 years ago, she introduced a new understanding of what women wanted: comfortable elegance they could wear with ease in everyday life, in all its facets. As she tells it, “I was uncomfortable in my body, and I wanted clothing that would create comfort and confidence.”   

With the creation of the Eileen Fisher Learning Lab, she is again at the forefront of a cultural shift: the pursuit of authenticity and meaning in life and work. She said she created the Lab as a place for people to find renewed energy, passion, creativity and wisdom to bring into everything they do—starting with the body. “I am passionate about embodiment work,” she says. “It gets me out of my head, and I can pay attention to what I am actually experiencing.” A longtime meditator, Eileen says she has found that it is body-based practices, including yoga and dance, that make the biggest difference in how she feels and her ability to feel fully alive in her life and work.   

Several of the Learning Lab’s spring 2016 workshops focus on accessing the wisdom of the body. Those include Leadership Embodiment with Wendy Palmer; In-Depth Kripalu Yoga Retreat with Richard and Danna Faulds and The Magic of Movement: Change from Within with Katie Hendricks.

Visit for details about spring workshops and events. The Learning Lab is located at 50 S. Buckhout St., Irvington, NY.


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