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Tackle To-Do List with Online Action Group: New 28-Day Online Action Group

Susan Lasky

Master Productivity Coach Susan Lasky has launched a new 28-day Online Action Group designed to help people get important goals off their perpetual “to-do” list and get them done.

“So many people tell themselves, ‘I’ll get around to it,’ but somehow never do, whether it’s finally writing that blog or book, revising their website or updating their résumé,” Lasky says. “They might avoid making certain sales calls or sending certain emails, or they’ll keep postponing projects like de-cluttering their home, clearing their inbox or working on a hobby. If that’s you, you’re not alone—and that’s part of the solution.”

Lasky’s Online Action Group is a small community of people equally committed to taking action. Easy-to-use “accountability software” allows them to share their progress as well as help and advice. “The focus is on taking daily baby steps instead of waiting for that major burst of time or inspiration that rarely happens,” Lasky says. “Ten minutes of action is better than ten hours of thinking you should do something. Our not-so-secret sauce creates the perfect recipe for moving forward with those long-desired tasks and projects. Best of all, the 28-Day Online Action Group is really inexpensive and includes set coaching support—live or recorded—and a bunch of useful handouts.”

For more info, visit or email [email protected].