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Gardening for Five Generations: Shamanic gardening is a holistic and organic type of landscaping

Mar 29, 2017 04:45PM ● By Mike Gulbrandsen

Remember you belong to nature, not it to you. — Grey Owl

Shamanic gardening is a holistic and organic type of landscaping that mixes principles of sustainability with regenerative techniques to create and maintain gardens designed to benefit all the inhabitants of the earth. Gardens are created to conserve water and help amend the soil. Companion plants are used in vegetable gardens to add nutrients back into the soil, and shrubs that feed wildlife are installed among the flowers, thus creating a sense of harmony between people, wildlife and the land.

Gardens created using shamanic principles benefit five future generations. This is accomplished 10 ways:

1. using regenerative methods—that is, using a resource and then recycling or reusing it
2. amending the garden naturally to create healthy soil
3. xeriscaping, with the goal of conserving water
4. creating wildlife habitats by providing food, shelter and water
5. thanking the creator, the land, the sky and the plants on a daily basis
6. growing nutritious and healthy food
7. practicing bioregionalism—using existing onsite materials first
8. using organic and sustainable techniques
9. planting native species

10. producing enough food not just for the gardener, but also for his or her neighbors

Reflections of Nature Landscaping is trained and certified in these shamanic practices, and has a history of creating gardens that respect Mother Earth and provide a healthy environment for future generations. Its shamanic gardening specialists will consult with homeowners to create a sustainable landscape in their yard.

Mike Gulbrandsen is the owner of Reflections of Nature which serves Dutchess, Westchester and Putnam Counties. For more info, call 845.489.7250 or visit