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Fasting with Food: The Fasting Mimicking Diet Triggers Natural Health Benefits

Apr 28, 2018 10:35PM

Dr. Angelo Baccellieri

Fasting might be good for shedding weight, and ultimately good for health, but it’s tough going. Not many people have the willpower to exist on water alone, even for a day or two, and those who do usually feel depleted and out of sorts. Angelo Baccellieri, M.D., founder of Westchester Wellness Medicine, offers an effective, more feasible alternative. The Fasting Mimicking Diet uses a five-day regimen of nutrition-specific foods to trigger the body’s natural fasting response, resulting in weight loss and other health benefits. In a recent interview with Natural Awakenings, he explained how FMD works.

What is the Fasting Mimicking Diet?

FMD is a way to achieve the fasting state while still consuming food. When food is scarce, the stress response pathways are activated and inflammation is decreased, dysfunctional cells are removed and stems cells are created during the re-feed period. A traditional water-only fast is very hard to do and can be risky. It’s associated with low blood sugar, low blood pressure, headaches, malnutrition, lowered immunity, fatigue and missed work. FMD allows you to eat but tricks the body into thinking it’s fasting.

How does fasting create health benefits?

First let’s define fasting. It is the exclusion of food or drink, but allowing water. After around 48 hours of fasting, beautiful things begin to happen. The body shifts into preservation state, switching from glucose “sugar” burning for energy to ketone “fat” burning for fuel. Fasting turns on protective genes and eliminates dysfunctional cells through a process called autophagy. Clinical studies have shown that fasting improves blood pressure, blood sugar control, cholesterol and inflammation, and results in significant weight loss.

How is FMD different from other diets?

FMD was developed at the University of South California Longevity Institute after 20 years of research on animals and humans. It’s the first food-based treatment for the prevention of chronic diseases. It decreases the risk factors for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and aging. The beauty of FMD is that it uses nutrition as a tool to combat chronic disease.

What results have you seen?

I’ve seen dramatic reduction in visceral adiposity—what we think of as belly fat. In the fasting state, fat is targeted as fuel, while muscle mass is preserved. The FMD targets belly fat and achieves a significant decrease in body weight in a very short period. I have used FMD in my obese patients to avoid bariatric surgery, with a high degree of success.

What are the specifics of this diet?

The FMD is a very specific ratio, combining protein restriction, mild calorie restriction and low glycemic index foods. This combination has been clinically shown to stimulate anti-aging pathways and promote cellular regeneration and rejuvenation through stem cell activation. The FMD is a five-day diet consisting of real food, including bars, soups, olives, teas and nutritional supplements packed in individual boxes. The ingredients are all natural, plant based and gluten and dairy free. A typical course would be a five-day FMD each month for three months. Clinical studies have shown that the results are maintained up to four months after the last fast.

Are you running any specials?

I am offering the FMD program in conjunction with a comprehensive anti-aging lab panel by Integrated Genetic Solutions. This detailed panel examines hormones, vitamin levels and genetics to create an individualized, computer-generated plan. I’m including a free, 15-minute consult to discuss the program and its benefits.

Dr. Angelo Baccellieri is board certified in anti-aging and restorative medicine. He is the founder of Westchester Wellness Medicine, which focuses on maximizing longevity using nutrition, hormones, exercise and detoxification. He is a weight-loss specialist and a specialist in brain health, including traumatic brain injury. Westchester Wellness Medicine is located at 450 Mamaroneck Ave, Ste. 413, Harrison, NY. For appointments or more info, call 914-703-4811 or visit

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