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All-Natural ‘Vegan Freeze’ Facilitates Cell Regeneration: “I’ve used Vegan Freeze for animal rescue and in my therapeutic massage practice, and it’s exceeded my expectations.”

Linda Gordon

Linda Gordon, a medical intuitive and licensed massage therapist, has studied various healing modalities. She draws from her registered nurse and Jungian/Reichina therapy training to address physical and emotional trauma. She’s also an animal lover. So when her dog became ill from life-threatening mold and bacteria, she developed a “science-based but divinely intuited” organic remedy, Vegan Freeze. In the 10 years since, she says, she’s seen remarkable results from the product—especially cell regeneration in bones, ligaments, cartilage, tendons and discs.

“I’ve used Vegan Freeze for animal rescue and in my therapeutic massage practice, and it’s exceeded my expectations,” she says. “I tried it on myself first and noticed several improvements to my overall health, including fast cell regeneration on wounds and burns.”

Through her White Plains practice, Vegan Freeze Healing Massage, Gordon works with all species and makes farm calls. Among the pet conditions she has treated are third-degree burns, equine thrush, a damaged canine eyeball and a viral outbreak in lambs. “You will have your pets’ full cooperation once they experience it, especially if they are in discomfort or have swelling,” she says.

She’s also used it to improve oral health in animals and people, and to facilitate meniscus healing in a human friend. “He was applying it for swelling and discomfort before his scheduled surgical repair, and in two weeks it resolved. Surgery was cancelled,” she says.

Vegan Freeze should be stored and used frozen—“The magic is in the melt,” Gordon says. It starts working within 15 minutes, reaches peak action in 30 minutes and should be reapplied every three to five hours.

To purchase Vegan Freeze, call Gordon at 310.863.9341. She is also available for lectures and classes for practitioners and retailers.

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