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Astrology for 2021 - With Pamela Cucinell

Jan 01, 2021 07:09PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

2021: Imagination Rules

Astrology with Pamela Cucinell

In 2021 we move beyond irrevocable changes into new vistas. We leave a very difficult passage, as innovation and curiosity light the way forward. Unprecedented human evolution beckons those willing to invest in the future. What’s key is to adapt and experiment. This new year invites courage, resourcefulness and tenacity. Promise comes from idealism coupled with practical applications. It’s important to acknowledge loss, while at the same time gathering and evaluating our resources. The more possibilities we imagine, the more we create.

The year 2021 is a “5” year in numerology: Five = creativity, risks, freedom; it is a dynamic year for those who take responsibility for the outcome. In January unexpected events and opportunities erupt, but not every shiny object is worth your time. February 12 begins the Chinese New Year of the Metal Ox: prepare for the long haul when economic and social goals need time to be implemented for success.

Optimism experiences a reckoning in February; see it as a correction rather than a negation. In March, compassion expands as the voices of youth gain traction. The Information Age requires wisdom; this gets a boost at the spring equinox. Erratic energy derails in April until the last week, when calm returns. Playfulness resurfaces in May. Volatility is indicated on the May 26 lunar eclipse; exercise restraint. 

The June 10 solar eclipse brings epiphanies—if you are a lucky recipient, take action! Total realization of goals can be inhibited, but the summer solstice encourages tenacity. Hold your long-standing vision through July, even when alternatives present themselves as the new best thing. Unexpected situations in August require a fast response but not necessarily a change in direction.

Keep your eye on the long game when short tempers skew perspective on the autumn equinox. As several planets go direct in October, stagnant projects start to move. Expect an emphasis on substantive communication with the November 10 lunar eclipse. Joy and a sense of expectation buoy up many at the December 4 eclipse. The winter solstice highlights the need to prioritize nutritious food and water. The future is bright when we nurture our young, regardless of where they live on the planet. 

Stellar Events

Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius

The cycles of Jupiter (which symbolizes expansion and growth) and Saturn (contraction and stasis) mirror fluctuations in financial markets. With both these planets aligned in the air sign of Aquarius at the threshold of 2021, we anticipate the acceleration of technology development and true innovation. We leave behind the 200-year cycle of an “earth” economy, based on production and manufacturing. This marks the end of obsolete commodities like fossil fuels and planned-obsolescence products. The last time we were in an “air” economy, it led to the Renaissance. Intellectual property’s value increases with its ability to be collaborative. Education and expertise expand horizons and possibilities.

Retrogrades in 2021

When retrograde, a planet appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective. The symbolism of that planet indicates what internal processes are at play to thwart direct paths. This can be highly productive when you maximize the value of reflection, or it can frustrate and even delay action. 

Planet Mercury symbolizes the messenger, communications and transit, as well as humor, social media and news. People whose business or personal life depends on electronics feel the retrograde acutely. Messages misfire and directions or appointments go awry. Double-check and back up. Mercury  is retrograde three times in 2021: January 30-February 20; May 29-June 22; and September 27-October 18.

Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Capricorn on December 19. Venus symbolizes how one loves and what is valued. This retrograde indicates the need to acknowledge lingering grief for the past. An old love may resurface. Avoid the purchase of expensive goods. Check with your astrologer if a wedding or new financial endeavor needs to happen at this time. Venus goes direct January 29, 2022.

Jupiter is retrograde, it challenges businesses and investments. Hesitation affects speculation, travel or publishing. Resistance paralyzes sales and expansion. Legal matters limp along. Avoid a product or business launch during Jupiter retrograde. However, the retrograde period can be advantageous for self-reflection and adjustments. In the sign of Aquarius, Jupiter can be extremely idealistic. The positive is a willingness to collaborate and an emphasis on social justice. The negative can be a philosophical righteousness that overlooks the individuals in the room. The retrograde begins June 20 and runs through October 18. 

Pamela Cucinell offers a deep forecast of 2021 at Her weekly podcast can be found at ActiveSpirituality.Life. Her forecasts provide guidance, validation and spiritual insight with a practical twist. To arrange for a one-time or ongoing sessions, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected]