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Astrology for March 2021 – with Pamela Cucinell

Do Your Research

Regardless of how in synch negotiations or relationships seem on March 1, prepare a contingency plan. Save important conversations for late afternoon or evening on March 2 to maximize results. Bumps in the road March 3 still drive powerful outcomes; everything flows later in the evening. Prioritize time alone to recharge on March 4. A persistent message can be short-sighted March 5; request facts. Exuberance can distract on March 6, but don’t overexert.

Presence of Mind

Attention to an old wound on March 7 transforms the habit of it. Productivity and focus dominate March 8. Keep alert on March 9 when engaged with accelerated communications. There’s fabulous energy March 10 to wrap up projects and connect with like-minded alliances. Dark of moon on March 11 encourages the release of old business. This continues March 12; make way for new opportunities and visions.

Fresh Take

A powerful Pisces new moon on March 13 invites big transitions; in the morning find a moment to focus on your ultimate vision. No matter how clear the road, keep a moderate pace March 14. A confrontation defines the importance of something or someone March 15. The zone of follow- through on March 16 allows everything to hum; be open to inspiration. A tight schedule on March 17 ensures productivity. Excellent opportunities March 18 shift dreams into reality.

Spring Promise 

Initial conversations on March 19 reveal differences in values. The spring equinox on March 20 indicates a cycle of increased dialogue about compassionate sustainability. Expect pushback March 21; find common ground when a shared meal feeds the soul. Weak links of support gain scrutiny March 22. Stay the course on March 23, but allow play time in the evening. Too many options March 24 fracture productivity; prioritize for best results.

Deep, Delicious Dive

Enjoy creative refreshment March 25. Laser focus hones projects on March 26. Imperfections that appear on March 27 are ripe for decisive revision. Individual expression is essential in relationships under the March 28 Libra full moon. Pressure-cooker conversations on March 29 make or break collaborations. Revelations and reflection deepen awareness March 30. Even if the journey feels too uphill, expect a lovely affirmation in the late afternoon on March 31

Pamela Cucinell offers spiritual insight with a practical twist through astrology and tarot at Discover guidance through her website, private sessions, podcasts and webinars. For more information, contact her at 917.796.6026 or [email protected]