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In Balance Tai Chi Studio in Brewster Re-Opens

Sifu David Cunniff

On St. Patrick’s Day 2020, the doors to In Balance Tai Chi were closed, the students stopped coming, and the Age of Zoom was born. For more than 18 months, all tai chi and qigong classes were broadcast from the studio. Now In Balance is back offering classes in person, says Sifu David Cunniff, who owns the Brewster studio.

“The studio is open for classes to anyone who is fully vaccinated,” he says. “The experience of attending studio classes will help you recharge your body and release tension from your muscles and mind. Qigong meditation and tai chi movements are very beneficial to the body, mind and maintaining optimal health.”

Qigong and tai chi combine slow, controlled breathing, stretching and balance postures. Classes offered include Shi-Ba-Shi (“the 18 Tai Chi Qigong Exercises”); Standing Eight Brocade; Silk Reeling; Tai Chi Ruler; and the Beijing 24 Posture Tai Chi form. Each class has a mixture of Qigong and Tai Chi movements, Cunniff says.

A new program being introduced at the studio is archery, an ancient art that is taught in Japan as a Zen meditation exercise. 

“As the archer tries to become one with the bow and arrow, concentration, controlled breathing, balance and strength are all required for a successful completion of the shooting process,” Cunniff says. “All these concepts of drawing a bow are taught as part of qigong training.”

In Balance Tai Chi Studio will continue to offer classes on Zoom.

Location: In Balance Tai Chi, 2505 Carmel Ave., Ste. 108, Brewster, NY. For more info, a class schedule and Zoom links, visit or call 845.803.1992.