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Astrology for June 2022 – with Pamela Cucinell

Jun 01, 2022 08:06PM ● By Pamela Cucinell

Surf with Change

June opens with Mercury retrograde; practice care with communications and electronic purchases. Tempers are short June 1; best to not overextend. Stay within your comfort zone June 2. Unexpressed concerns come to light with Mercury direct on June 3. A need to declare commitment and shoulder responsibilities increases June 4 and beyond, when Saturn goes retrograde. Creative solutions for problems deserve a rest June 5; enjoy a playful evening.  

Hurry Up and Wait

Therapeutic work reaps an exponential return and productivity books June 6-7. The energy shifts June 8, when every discussion seems laborious. Stay the course because June 9 ignites potential for long-lasting connections. Establish common ground the morning of June 10, because cooperation ebbs by afternoon. A sudden inspiration or tangent June 11 provides clarity—or perhaps a distraction. Some commitments or responsibilities need reevaluation June 12. 

Go For It 

The call of the wild beckons June 13; get some outdoor time when concentration is elusive. The Sagittarius full moon June 14 stimulates creativity and longing. Consider and invite in what fills that desire. Make steady steps toward projects and goals June 15. Morning fuzziness evaporates June 16 to allow decisive strides. Stay flexible and adapt to network connections and unexpected options June 17. 

Big Love

On June 18, consider the possibility that the big dream can happen. June 19 is Father’s Day and Juneteenth—emotions swell as we listen with compassion. Love and creativity call for attention on June 20. Big messages broadcast this summer solstice; say what is in your heart. If a situation becomes stressful June 22, objectivity and distance shifts perspective. Focus enables a powerful outcome June 23. 

Shed the Shell

Sudden and unexpected events June 24 benefit those who move with grace. Ride waves to enhance project flow June 25. Too many choices June 26 can derail plans. Therefore, stay with priorities June 27. The new moon in Cancer on June 28 encourages new growth and transformation. Nurture fresh intentions June 29, to gestate and cook within you. On June 30, tease out any demons or naysayers … it’s time to protect your vision and seek the right partners. 

Pamela Cucinell offers a spiritual astrological perspective for the massive changes of our time, as well as guidance through private sessions and podcasts. For more info, call 917.796.6026, email [email protected], or visit and ActiveSpirituality.Life.