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Top Five Reasons for Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong

By performing the repetitive movements each day, you keep your muscles limber and stretched.

Simple Three-Minute Test Can Predict Disease

"To raise awareness of the health-saving potential of this simple measurement, I’m including a free phase angle test with all new-patient appointments throughout the month of April."

Eating Right, Made Easy

The made-to-order menu includes items like smoothies, açaí bowls, burgers, avocado toast and bagels with vegan cream cheese.

Autism's Gut-Brain Axis

Natural Awakenings' Wellness Profiles for 2019 - Westchester, Putnam & Dutchess NY Edition

Find the Ideal Wellness Professionals for Your Healing Journey

Detoxing with Food

“The most basic thing you can do for your liver is to get well hydrated by drinking filtered water with lemon, reduce toxins from foods and the environment, lower fat intake, reduce animal protein and consume more fruits and vegetables—and drink celery juice daily on an empty stomach.”

How to Get the Best Rest

Having a relaxed routine such as reading a book, doing some yoga poses or listening to peaceful music can be a great way to unwind and ready the body and mind for sleep.

Clients Benefit from NuSpecies’ “Year of Change”

“We pride ourselves on going above and beyond basic compliance with FDA standards to make safe and effective products.”

Look Good, Feel Good

Beauty fads tend to come and go, but one trend is here to stay: skin care, hair care and cosmetics that enhance our appearance without compromising our health.

The Danger Next Door

We are being exposed to unprecedented levels of toxic emissions from natural gas facilities.