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Planetwatch July 2019

Astrology with Pamela Cucinell

A Conversation About Skin
 with Hilda Demirjian

"My work is more than a business. I am devoted to my clients and work with them to restore hope, confidence and self-esteem."

Cornell Cooperative Extension Services in Our Area

All information is research based and specific to our growing region.

NuSpecies Whole-Food Supplements

How one company is using nutrition to improve the health of a malnourished generation

Clearwater Festival Turns 50

June 15 and 16

Sacred Dance and Sound Healing Events in Ossining

These ecumenical summer services are intended to raise spirits, enhance community and promote individual healing and self-attunement.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

When we’re taking care of others, we very rarely take the time to take care of ourselves.

Unburdening the Next Generation

Volunteers Sought to Get Farm-Fresh Food to Needy Families

“The intent of this CSA is to feed approximately 30 families who identify as food insecure. To bring this project to fruition, we need a team of volunteers to pick up produce from local farms, pack bags and drive them to drop-off locations in the area."

Fresh Starts