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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

InterGenerate builds strong communities on a healthy planet through local food production.

Creating environmental and social sustainability around shared concerns for food security, InterGenerate reaches across traditional social boundaries to bring people together to grow our food locally, sharing the work while deepening ties to each other. InterGenerate has founded vegetable gardens, egg coops and is expanding to bee hives. Every garden has a Giving Garden that sources local senior centers and food pantries.

Growing our own food with our neighbors addresses many of the day's critical issues.

Local sources reduces carbon footprint. Local sourcing increases nutritional value of food. Organic growing allows us to live gently on our fragile planet. Growing ourselves guarantees fair labor practices. Growing with neighbors strengthens community. Providing land at low cost ensures equal access to whole food.

InterGenerate also supports the local food movement through workshops and speaking engagements and co-sponsorship of related events. We also started the Westchester Community Garden Network and have consulted on many local food projects. We are hoping to start bee hives and maple syrup production soon.

InterGenerate was founded in 2009 by Rev. Peggy Clarke and Roseann Rutherford who recognized the need for families to have access to both sustainable food and sustainable communities.