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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Editorial Submissions

News Briefs & Kudos Submissions

NEWS BRIEFS: Just as the name implies, a News Brief is a timely, newsworthy item that typically makes an announcement to readers. Whether you’ve opened a new office, have a special event coming up or are offering a new therapy, we want to hear about it. News Briefs will be edited to be third person. This is not an advertisement and should not be written as such. We edit all submissions.

KUDOS: Do you have someone in mind who deserves special recognition for a recent achievement? Did you just pass your licensing exam? We want to let everyone know in a Kudos.

News Brief/Kudos Guidelines
  • Length: 150-200 words.
  • Style: Write in the 3rd person. News briefs are third person, non-advertorial and read like a mini newspaper story. First person statements may be turned into direct quotes from the submitter of the news brief. Please provide the name and title of that person to quote. For example: “Joe Smith, owner of Chiropractic Care.”
  • Deadline: The deadline for submitting News Briefs and Kudos is the 8th of the month prior to publication. Late submissions are at risk of not being considered.
  • We edit all submitted news briefs for style, format and length.
  • Include the following information:
    Who is the news maker or sponsor? Please include name, title and company/organization.
    What is newsworthy, timely and of interest to our readers? Is there a cost to attend, participate or for a service/treatment?
    When is the event, opportunity or change taking place?
    Where is the event, opportunity or change taking place? Include complete address.
    Why is this news important to readers at this time?
    How will this news story affect and what’s the immediate benefit for our readers?
    Other brief background information (relevant credentials/experiences, store hours or vital stats)  
    Name of contact person to possibly mention in the brief

    Contact person’s telephone

    Contact person’s email address

    Website URL for more information
    Corresponding large image in .jpg or .png format
Or use our News Brief Submission Form here.

In addition, press releases are welcome.

See our 2024 Editorial Calendar here.

Health Briefs Submissions

Health Briefs highlight the latest research studies, trends and tips in easy-to-digest articles of 50 to 200 words. Each focuses on a particular topic, such as food, supplements, self-care, beauty, balance and fitness. Submissions should always contain doable solutions or pertinent research findings on common conditions or health issues. 

Health Brief Guidelines
  • Length: 50-200 words.
  • Deadline:  Due on or before the 8th of the month prior to publication.
  • Briefs should be written in layman’s terms, and impart information in a way that does not sound self-serving.
  • We reserve the right to edit all submissions if necessary; for longer features, a copy of revisions can be returned upon request.
  • Please include a brief biography at the end of your article.
Articles and Spotlights
Articles featured in Natural Awakenings cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of health, healing, fitness and earth friendly living. Advertising partners receive first priority.

What we want

  • We focus on hope, healing, practical tips and benefits. Every reader wants to know how they can personally use and benefit from this information in their life journey.
  • Attribute all medical or health claims and scientific study results; cite credible, authoritative sources. List additional resources in an italicized end note.

What we won’t publish

  • Depressing lists of symptoms and technical details of treatment.
  • Extended, first-person (me/I/my) accounts of life journeys.
  • Marketing or sales copy heavy on blatant self-promotion.

Your original work will also most likely be edited to fit Natural Awakenings’ style guidelines, and we reserve that right. Additionally, we recommend that you thoroughly consider our Submission Guidelines.

How to Submit
Editorial should be submitted by email as a MS Word document attachment or text embedded in the body of the email.  Send to [email protected].

Our deadline is always the 8th of the month prior to publication (i.e. October 8th for the November issue). 

All submissions are subject to publisher approval and review. Natural Awakenings reserves the right to edit any and all submissions to match our guidelines and standards. There is no guarantee that a submission will appear in the magazine or online.