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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Margaret Rizzuto Empowerment Coaching

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What If? A simple question with complex answers.

As women of a ‘certain age’ there’s a misconception about how we should being living this time in our lives, how we should or shouldn’t show up in the world, what we should or shouldn’t be doing in retirement, after the kids have fledged or as a next step. I say, do whatever you want to do! Start that business, get back to your creative side, join that board, be seen, be heard - this is your life - live it your way.

I really do believe it’s time to redefine how we view midlife. Our lives today are not the same lives of our mother’s. The times they are a changing - thankfully.

I work with women who are ready for change, ready to shake things up. Ready to redefine midlife.

My clients are retired women who want to use their lifetime of skills and experiences to help others; women starting businesses or business owners who want to level up. Women who are relocating; re-entering the work world after raising their children; women who have played it small and are now ready to be seen and heard - in a big way. Women who are in transition, facing a major life change that may or may not have been self-imposed. Women who want to feel good - who want to live their best life - now.

Coaching is such a unique and personal journey that can follow so many different paths. During our time together you can expect a safe space with honest, open communications. You can expect to be seen and heard in an authentic and powerful way. You’ll receive support, encouragement and valuable tools and insights to help you gain clarity, focus and confidence to move forward - with intention.

I invite you to schedule a 20 minute complimentary call so we can get to know each other and explore ways that we might work together. If you’re ready for change, ready for next steps - let’s connect.