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Super Soul Happenin’s at the Center for Aligned Healingin Chappaqua

Super Soul Happenin’s—featuring mini-workshops, consultations and treatments designed to help participants explore and enhance their soul’s vibrations—will be held February 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Center for Aligned Healing in Chappaqua, NY.      

Energy healers Bernadette Bloom and Anne Bentzen will provide energy healings and mini-workshops at the event, which will also include demonstrations and classes on essential oils, soul coaching, cooking energy-boosting foods, and using astrology to navigate personal and professional relationships. “Super Soul Happenin’s will allow you to explore, sense, feel, smell, see, intuit, hear and even eat the vibration of your soul as it applies to managing your life and business,” Bloom says. “You’ll learn to raise your personal vibration quickly, easily and naturally, empowering you to manifest the life you want and attract what you need to accomplish your goals.”  

Kendal Callahan of Kendal’s Om Kitchen will provide “Divine Grazing” food samples and explain “conscious cooking” for personal energy needs. Aromatherapist Sharon Slowik will explain how essential oils can relieve and heal traumas and negative patterns. Cynthia Farina, Angel Therapy practitioner, will provide soul coaching, and astrological life coach Joy Yascone will help participants discern their life path.

Super Soul Happenin’s, sponsored by the Center for Aligned Healing and the JJ Esoteric Foundation, is limited to 60 participants. The cost is $75 for the day. To reserve a space or for more information, call 239.289.3744 or visit The Center for Aligned Healing is located at 175 King St., Chappaqua, NY.

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