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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Conquer Binge Eating Forever

Julie Latz

Certified Food Psychology Coach Julie Latz is now offering one on one coaching to those who are desperate to stop binge eating. Latz says her clients can achieve fast results safely, without fad diets, pills or difficult routines to follow. “This coaching is for people who are tired of the cycle of compulsive overeating, the fear and shame that go along with it, and the war against food,” says Latz. “I can help anyone who’s ready to learn a new and simple way to conquer their food addiction and reclaim their life.”  

Latz says her method allows clients to eat the foods they enjoy while reclaiming their bodies and making deprivation a thing of the past. She developed the method after overcoming her own struggles with binge eating for 45 years.  Latz is giving away free one on one coaching packages (featuring daily sessions for 30 days) to the first three people who contact her and fit the profile for binge eating disorder.      

For more information call Julie Latz at 914.629.0073 or visit