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A Skillful Living Approach to Allergies

Apr 01, 2012 08:31PM

As a holistic physician, Dr. Michael Finkelstein pays close attention to the interplay of mind, body and spirit. As a result, his approach to allergies has a strong preventive focus.  

 “The final pathway for the allergic reaction is the creation of ‘unstable’ membranes on the immune cells responsible for the release of histamine,” he says. “So an altogether different—albeit complementary—approach to the usual alternatives include those techniques that are stabilizing.”    

In that regard, he says, individuals should consider how they may achieve greater balance overall. “They should focus on efforts that improve sleep patterns, the quality and flow of their relationships and work, and the avoidance of unnecessary noise in their lives. While this may seem simplistic, the effects can be quite dramatic in all areas of their health.”   

Tip: In avoiding life’s “unnecessary noise,” think figuratively, says Finkelstein. That noise can take many forms, from bad TV to aggravating people.

Michael Finkelstein, MD, is founder of SunRaven, a center for holistic and skillful living in Bedford, NY.