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Planet Watch for April 2012

Let it be a Dance
On April Fools’ Day, things have a tendency to move faster than is prudent.  Keep within your limits on April 2 in order to have fun without the guilt “hangover.” On April 3 pave the way instead of running out the door. Mercury goes direct on April 4 so narrow your commitments for better success. On April 5 choose a course that inspires you without the potential for regret. The Full Moon in Libra on April 6 highlights the need to get to the heart of an issue.

Season of Change
On April 7, the first day of Passover, tension doesn’t have to be negative, unless differences aggravate rather than stimulate. Words may come on Easter Sunday, but there may not be time enough to say them.  Surprise results on April 9 depend on your overall acceptance of change. On April 10 evaluate habits that you’d like to modify. A serious tone prevails on April 11 with a strong mandate to get something done. Stay on task on April 12 to receive luck in unexpected places.

Decisive Strokes
On April 13 say what needs to be said and listen to what deserves to be heard. Certain blockades give way on April 14, which is party perfect for spontaneity, interesting conversations and the unexpected. A line drawn on April 15 offers the opportunity to come to agreement through compromise. Research financial strategies and/or investments on April 16 and finish errands early in the morning on April 17, because what follows is 24 hours of creative drifting. The door of opportunity opens and closes quickly on April 18; if you can’t act immediately, jot down inspirations for another day.

Time to Graze
Complete rather than start anything new on April 19. If thwarted by an endeavor on April 20 pull back, as tomorrow is a day of new beginnings. April 21 brings the New Moon in Taurus, so find an environment that stimulates your senses. Dream big and believe! Earth Day on April 22 lends itself to happy events but be alert when driving or doing any physical activity. Contracts and meetings that have been on hold open up on April 23.

Perspective is Everything
Invitations offered on April 24 lead to valuable relationships. In conversations held on April 25, suss out reservations and reflect. Move through a disruption on April 26 and avoid power struggles. On April 27 keep a dinner conversation rule of “No shoulds!” April 28 and 29 offer a high-powered weekend of business or pleasure, depending on your focus. On April 30 work on things already begun that don’t require critical decisions.

Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth forecasts at Her clients benefit from  “spot on” guidance and coaching. For revelatory, reliable and relevant private sessions, lunar celebrations and on-line subscriptions contact [email protected] or call 917.796.6026.