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Getting to the Root of Women’s Health Concerns : with Dr. Neil Raff, MD, of Advanced Medicine of Mount Kisco, PC

Apr 30, 2012 08:28PM ● By Dr. Neil Raff

Women’s physiology makes them particularly vulnerable to disorders of inflammation. Because of their sensitive immune system and the cyclic nature of their hormones, women are extremely prone to fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, abnormal weight gain, fatigue, and thyroid and other endocrine disorders.   

Unfortunately, all these inflammation disorders are further exacerbated by the many chemicals and toxins now present in our environment. Visits to the internist, gynecologist and endocrinologist often provide only limited relief.   

I created Advanced Medicine of Mount Kisco more than 15 years ago to combine traditional, alternative and nutritional approaches to treating these varying symptoms, which often have a central cause. The philosophy is simple: remove the factors that are blocking normal and natural healing, and provide the beneficial (and often deficient) nutrients needed for repair.   

Our initial patient visit often takes more than an hour, and for good reason. We give the patient time to voice all her concerns, and then we take the time to review her prior history and tests and explain what further testing—blood, saliva, gastric analysis, etc.—will help us get an accurate diagnosis.   

Because we take an individualized, multifaceted approach to diagnosis, our treatment options vary, too. Treatments can range from specific detox programs to selective nutrition, oral or IV therapies to overcome absorption problems; from cancer prevention techniques to alternative cancer treatment.   

We do not treat weight problems as calorie or food issues, but as hormone and metabolic dysfunctions. As a result, our weight loss programs are generally very successful, even in difficult cases. 

Whether the concern is correcting hormonal imbalance, fighting the effects of aging, reducing the risk for cancer and heart disease, or improving mood or energy, our office has more than 40 years’ experience in successfully treating our patients’ health issues.

Advanced Medicine of Mount Kisco is located at 37 Moore Ave., Mount Kisco, NY. Call 914.241.7030 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Visit for more information about Dr. Raff and his practice or to learn about candida, GI disorders and detox.