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2012 Pilates Conference Welcomes Instructors and Enthusiasts: The conference will be held at Purchase College in NY from May 31 through June 3

8am Mat Class with Mari Winsor

The Art of Control Studio in Purchase is pleased to announce the second annual Pilates Conference from May 31 through June 3. The conference will be held at Purchase College and is open to Pilates instructors and enthusiasts at all levels of ability and interest. “We welcome both those who have opened their own successful studios and those who simply desire to learn more about Pilates,” says Art of Control director Simona Cipriani. “This conference is a window into the world of Pilates, offering workshops, seminars and lectures to demonstrate skills and present knowledge about human anatomy and the most effective methods to control, stretch and strengthen the body.”   

Visitors to the 2012 conference will have the chance to work with Cipriani and other renowned Pilates teachers, including Kevin Bowen, Peter Fiasca, Brett Howard, Kathi Ross-Nash, Brooke Siler, Alycea Ungaro, Dorothee VandeWalle, MeJo Wiggin, and Mari Winsor. All classes will be available to a wide range of skill levels.  The pre-conference series that begins May 31 includes Anatomy in Clay® classes and a Cadaver Lab presented by Dr. Joseph Muscolino, a professor and author of several publications on anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.

Visit to register for these special classes, learn about conference lodging and meal plan options, and watch videos from the 2011 conference.

For more information visit or call 914.251.7842.