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NYC Getaway Destination: Herald Square Hotel: A special destination for health- and spiritually minded travelers in NYC

May 31, 2012 04:16PM

One of the rooms at the Herald Square Hotel in NYC

Located in the 118-year-old building that was once home to Life magazine, the Herald Square Hotel is steeped in history and the energy of mystics and visionaries. (It even housed two secret mystery schools.) Now the hotel has become a special destination for health- and spiritually minded travelers looking for comfortable, affordable lodging in the heart of Manhattan. It was voted Best Discount Hotel in NYC in 2010-2012 by Citysearch and Best Comfy Hotel Bed in NYC in 2010.  

 While many of the rooms have been renovated, the hotel retains the character and humor of its original occupants, who throughout the years changed the building in many ways, leaving the floor plans a little different with each alteration. As a result, each of its 100 rooms is unique in layout and décor. Perhaps the most unusual characteristic of the hotel is its portals, designed into the structure by artists and architects. Owner Abe Puchall says they perfectly reflect the hotel’s uplifting mission. “The goal of the hotel is to get people to love life,” he says, “and to recognize portals to higher consciousness when you see them.”        

All the rooms have one common feature: a HealthSmart mattress and a Charles P. Rogers custom-made brass bed. The mattress design prevents contamination as allergens, spills and other debris are confined to the mattress top, which can be removed and washed to create a healthy sleep environment; the mattress is the same luxury quality as those found in four-star hotels. Among the building’s other healthy features are its water filtration system, which makes its tap water as pure as bottled, and its strict nonsmoking policy. (The Herald Square is just the second hotel in NY to be entirely nonsmoking.)   

This dual focus on history and health has become a trademark of the Herald Square Hotel, which attracts guests who appreciate both. The hotel staff is happy to recommend vegan restaurants, yoga studios, events and caterers to like-minded guests looking for an experience, not just a place to stay.   

Located between 5th Avenue and Broadway at 19 West 31st, the hotel is a short walking distance to spas, Whole Foods Market, Macy’s and Little Korea.

All rooms have satellite TV with free HBO, an in-room safe, voicemail messaging, air conditioning and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access. To view rooms and for more info, visit or call 800.727.1888.

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