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Planetwatch July 2012: with Pamela Cucinell

Full Moon Download

Don’t book tickets or launch a project on July 1. On July 2, watch where you step because lots of people won’t. The Capricorn Full Moon on July 3 heightens intensity emotionally, financially and psychologically. Lively conversations, flirting and networking on Independence Day may go nowhere, but enjoy anyway. Fireworks have unexpected twists. The air crackles with ideas on July 5; narrow your focus for results. On July 6, get the important stuff done in the morning.


Retrograde Preparation

Follow your imagination on July 7 and learn from careful observation and intuition. On July 8, open expectations and your sense of humor. Moods turn quickly on July 9 and those who look for opportunity seize it, whether earned or not. Move decisively and assume responsibility on July 10. Avoid important conversations on July 11, when the mood is impulsive and less concerned with commitment. Complete tasks and make strides on July 12, and prepare for the Mercury retrograde by backing up your hard drive. Uranus goes retrograde on July 13 so expect the unexpected.

Retrograde Action

Mercury goes retrograde on July 14. Double-check any electronic processes over the next few weeks and practice energy conservation to support communications and grid concerns. On July 15, make good contacts even if it takes awhile to gain traction. If you can’t spend July 16 relaxing, plan to organize or edit. July 17 and 18 may bring difficulties when emotions conflict with authority, power or sudden events. Do not engage in situations that carry the potential for force.

The night before the Cancer New Moon on July 19 is a good time to write down your vision about family or home and put it under your pillow. From that day through July 20, dress up and be generous with those you love (or would like to love).

Party Like a Lion

July 21 brings a cleaning frenzy or detox. The Sun enters Leo on July 22, announcing the summer cycle at its most brilliant. Parties increase because Leos love to celebrate themselves. Get your house and desk in order on July 23. After a rocky morning, negotiations go smoothly on July 24 with a desire to make nice. Expect exciting news through July 25.

Pace Yourself with Grace

After the exhilaration of the past couple of days, you may feel a need to reflect on July 26 and 27; make no important decisions. Avoid overextension on July 28 and spend time with an elder or mentor on July 29. On the last two days of July, remember that short tempers may lead to temporary results but do nothing for overall transformation.

Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth forecasts at Her clients benefit from “spot on” guidance and coaching using lunar cycles. For revelatory, reliable and relevant private sessions, new and full moon celebrations, and online information contact [email protected] or call 917.796.6026.