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Astrology with Pamela Cucinell for August, 2012: Planetwatch for the Month Ahead

Pamela Cucinell

Slow Down
The Aquarius Full Moon on August 1 lights up your hopes and wishes. August 2 is a day to gear up projects and outreach. Look into creative relaxation on August 3. On August 4, go somewhere to suspend thoughts and simply exist in the moment. The ideal spot on August 5 is by the water or with a spiritual gathering. Take advantage of the open road on August 6, because things change the following day.



Signs of Movement

A struggle on August 7 is not helped by frustration, so find ways to release it. Mercury turns direct on August 8 but there may be some residue conflict in communications. Flexibility leads to leverage on August 9; see where you can bend. Avoid important appointments, meetings or purchases on August 10. August 11 launches a few golden days for connecting and communicating, while August 12 emphasizes results.


New Starts
Some antidotes for stress on August 13 and 14 are beach, baths and meals in comforting environments. It’s important to be honest with yourself on August 15. A Venus/Uranus picture on August 16 can bring an unexpected relationship or financial situation that causes more friction than ease. The Leo New Moon is on August 17; awaken the child within, especially if you have ignored any strong desires to create in this lifetime. On August 18, make good choices about where to spend your energy. Be careful when making a purchase on August 19 or you may come home with something you’ll regret.


Plan Ahead

On August 20, detours can dishearten; remind yourself that you will get there. An overall sense of fairness wins attention on August 21. Initiate a serious conversation on August 22. Lost objects pop up on August 23. Seize a fleeting opportunity or inspired thought on August 24. If you prioritize your day early on August 25, you accomplish a staggering amount.


Once in a Blue Moon

People are all about moving forward on August 26 and 27; you can join in for greater momentum. Avoid disagreements on August 28 and conversation is lively and full of big ideas. On August 29, fast-moving energy carries away those involved in communications, networking, humanitarian work, television or the Internet. A peaceful night of enjoying summer pleasures is very restorative on August 30. The Pisces Blue Moon occurs on August 31; let its beauty inspire you to paint your future.


Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth forecasts at Her clients benefit from “spot on” guidance and coaching using lunar cycles. For revelatory, reliable and relevant private sessions, new and full moon celebrations, and online information contact [email protected] or call 917.796.6026.