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Whole Foods Stores Host “Vegan Thursdays”: The next “Vegan Thursday” is August 23, 2012 from from noon to 2 p.m. at Whole Foods Market in White Plains and Yonkers

Irene Devore at Vegan Thursday

Whole Foods Market Stores in Westchester are now offering regular educational cooking demonstrations to teach vegans and prospective vegans about ingredients and recipes that will help them maintain a balanced diet. Visit either of the Whole Foods Markets on its designated “Vegan Thursdays” to learn new vegan recipes and discover delicious meat alternatives.   

Veganism is a philosophy and lifestyle that avoids using animals and animal products for food. There are many different reasons for adopting veganism. For some people, it’s about not contributing to the suffering of animals. For others, it’s about increasing health and living a longer, more enjoyable life. For still others, veganism is a personal step toward protecting the environment.    

A vegan diet excludes meat, fish, poultry, animal gelatin, honey, sugar (which is filtered with bone char), eggs and dairy products. So what can vegans eat? Vegetables, fruits, soy products such as tempeh (fermented soy product), soy analogs (“mock meat” products), soy milk, seitan (wheat gluten), whole grains, seeds, nuts and legumes. The nutritional guidelines for vegans are essentially similar to those for vegetarians. However, vegetarians gain certain necessary nutrients from dairy products and eggs. Because vegans avoid those foods, they need to ensure their diet contains plant food sources for nutrients like protein, essential fatty acids, calcium and iodine. 

“Vegan Thursday” is held weekly from noon to 2 p.m. at Whole Foods Market in White Plains, located at 110 Bloomingdale Rd. (914.288.1300). At the Whole Foods Market at 1 Ridge Hill Blvd., Yonkers (914.378.8090), the next “Vegan Thursday” is August 23, with demonstrations from noon to 2 p.m. and 5 to 7 p.m