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Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell: September 2012

Sep 06, 2012 11:16PM

Last days of Summer

Conversations have no seeming direction on September 1 and power struggles
or sudden reactions have ramifications on September 2; think it through first. Labor Day feels anything but restful so find a physical workout or some problem-solving exercises. Explore issues concerning inheritance, mergers or community relationships on September 4 and 5. Relaxation is crucial on September 6. Venus then enters Leo for several weeks; expect parties, romance and socializing.

Rapid Changes

September 7 brings important news; act quickly to use the advantage. Buoyant optimism comes on September 8, but mixed signals can dilute the message so emphasize what’s important to you.  Avoid any serious conversations or contracts on September 9 because nothing is simple. Tremendous passion can be channeled effectively on September 10. If you’re at a crossroads in a relationship, September 11 is a reckoning day. Put an offer out on September 12, especially if it’s creative or involves a contractual agreement. Be open to the unexpected.

Back to School

September 13 stimulates interest in the unusual, a romantic encounter or sudden inspiration. On September 14 jot down what you’d like to make happen over the next few weeks. The Virgo New Moon on September 15 gleans the best results when you plan your day to maximize enjoyment and productivity. Mercury enters Libra on September 16, symbolizing an increase in chatting, networking and negotiations for the next few weeks. September 17 offers golden opportunities for positive outcomes. On September 18, begin projects and relationships and increase focus for deep levels of understanding.

Judicious Decisions

On September 19 make choices that really make a difference. The afternoon of September 20 through September 21 encourages auspicious beginnings and meetings. The Autumn Equinox on September 22 indicates turbulent emotion; be clear of your desires, especially in relationship. The task at hand is the theme for September 23 and productivity is its own reward. Any delays on September 24 are temporary as you strive towards a goal.

Harvest Time

Rich experiences occur on September 25 and 26; seek financial, business or personal guidance. Dream and stimulate your creativity and intuition on September 27. A well-planned day flows on September 28 but, even if you have no plans at all, the surprise is pleasant. The Harvest Full Moon occurs on September 29 with dynamic energy that requires an even keel. September 30 conjures high spirits, so join them!

Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth forecasts at Her clients benefit from “spot on” guidance and coaching using lunar cycles. For revelatory, reliable and relevant private sessions, new and full moon celebrations, and online information contact [email protected] or call 917.796.6026. 

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