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Planet Watch with Pamela Cucinell: Astrology for October 2012

Autumn Winds

The more “me” oriented the conversation on October 1, the less likely to gather cooperation. Don’t force anything on October 2 and 3. Information comes on October 4, along with something unexpected. On October 5, good news presents itself when you deal with secrets. Home is where the heart wants to be on October 6, or at least in the presence of some comfort food.

Calculated Decisions

Morning upsets don’t have to dog your day on October 7; people are prickly and respond better when everyone is fed. Columbus Day is best spent at home nesting or organizing. The mood shifts to a party atmosphere on October 9 and 10, but don’t shirk responsibility. Focus is a challenge on October 11. You can accomplish a great deal on October 12, just don’t allow tangents to get you off track.

Choose Your Friends

October 13 bodes well for convivial conversations and pleasurable pursuits. Make time on October 14 to finish up a project or cross off a task. The Libra New Moon on October 15 offers reflection for what to modify in your relationships. October 16 reveals ways to relate more deeply if you’re willing to take the dive. After high spirits, the evening of October 17 activates mixed signals; it pays to be cautious. Exuberance abounds on October 18 with like-minded people.

The Illusion of Reality

Travelers on October 19 should keep in mind that the route can change later in the day. Productivity is high on October 20, but don’t sign the dotted line until after further reflection. October 21 is fruitful, although some butt heads by the end of the day. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22; networking has a heightened level of intensity. People say a great deal on October 23, but get them to sign off on promises before you move forward. On October 24, a museum, garden or concert transports you into another reality and the experience has staying power.

Hunter’s Moon

Conflict does not lead to resolution on October 25. Don’t succumb to a “woe is me” mood on October 26; toss out dead wood to burn off by evening. On October 27, go for the whole enchilada. Clear your desk, purge a closet or tackle a hike on October 28. The Taurus Full Moon (a.k.a the Hunter’s Moon) on October 29 offers great opportunities to accomplish goals. Use October 30 to finish up tasks so you’re free to troll the neighborhood on Halloween, when lively conversations abound.

Pamela Cucinell writes in-depth forecasts at Her clients benefit from “spot on” guidance and coaching using lunar cycles. For revelatory, reliable and relevant private sessions, new and full moon celebrations, and online information contact [email protected] or call 917.796.6026.