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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Natural Awakenings' Life Coach Profiles: For Westchester and Putnam Counties, NY

Looking for a new career, going through a divorce, wanting to create a more passionate life – or just feeling stuck?


Find the ideal life coach to help you live your best life ever.



Marian Edvardsen, Life Coach


19 Starlight Dr., Norwalk, CT 06851

203.858.2681 • [email protected]

Certification: Certified Life Coach, Coach Training Alliance 2010, Certified Passion Test® Facilitator for Adults, Kids & Teens, Certified Vision Board Trainer

Years practicing: 3

Tell us about your practice:  I’m passionate about empowering you to be the star you are, and my philosophy is to have fun living your passion, always do your best, and do what you love with gratitude and joy. As a Passion Test® Facilitator, I help you get to the heart of what is important in your life, get more clarity, and create simple steps to achieving your goals so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Specialties: Empowerment coaching—helping clients get unstuck, understand what they want or desire, and create it in their lives. The Passion Test® is the number-one process used worldwide for discovering your passions and life purpose. As a Passion Test Facilitator, my specialty is helping clients discover and live their passions; my SterlingStarlightSuccessSystem helps them stay focused and on track.

Major goal:  To help clients understand what is important in their life, get more clarity, create a plan to live the life they desire, and learn how to make choices aligned with their passions.

Professional passion: I am passionate about helping others live with passion and purpose, so together we can raise the level of happiness, passion and fulfillment on this planet and in the world.


Susan De Robertis, Venus in Transit Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coach/Consultant/Expert & Transition Coach

914.450.9292 • [email protected]

Certification: Certified Divorce Mediator

Years practicing: 8                          

Tell us about your practice: I work with women in divorce to help them transition into a life they love and have peace of mind and financial freedom. I work with couples who have chosen mediation in order to save money and time, get divorced and move on.

Specialties:  Coaching for women in divorce and transition, and for couples seeking divorce through mediation.

Major goal: My major goal in helping women is to heal the past and create a great future to live into.

Professional passion: Divorce can be the place where you start over and create a joyful life that’s a reflection of who you are now—not who you were then.


Judy Garfinkel, Life Coach, Move Into Change

Pound Ridge, NY

914.764.8504 • [email protected]

Certification: Life Purpose Institute, Board Certified Coach (CCE), MA, Holistic Thinking

Years practicing: 2

Tell us about your practice: I work with you on a personalized plan for the way you want to live your life. With my hundred-plus tools, I will help you identify and move through the resistance and avoidance normal to making change—it’s my superpower!

Specialties: After 10 years as a professional dancer and 20 years as a progressive educator, I sought a practice that would bring my life experience to others seeking to make significant changes in their own lives. As a board-certified coach, I have worked with writers, artists, entertainers, entrepreneurs, teachers and parents.

Major goal: To help you be the next you—ideally, a more authentic you.

Professional passion: Helping clients discover what really matters to them and creating a path to connect to that true self.


Diane Ingram, Life Coach

Coaching by Skype, phone or office in Pawling, NY

914.843.4947 • [email protected]

Certification: Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Certified Success Unlimited Coach, BS, Psychology and Human Development.

Years practicing: 8

Tell us about your practice: I support others in full engagement, purposeful living, self-actualization, and reaching their potential through my one-on-one coaching meetings, group coaching, speaking presentations, and workshops, books, TV shows and music. I offer a free consultation on request.

Specialties: General life coaching: career, health, purpose, creativity, relationship, personal development. My coaching program addresses the whole life, focusing on the areas where change is wanted or needed.

Major goal:  To support others in getting unstuck, gaining clarity of purpose, developing a plan, and taking courageous action toward their dreams, goals and aspirations.

Professional passion: Helping others become fully engaged in living a purposeful, passionate life and sharing their gifts with the world.


Adam Johnson, Life Coach

PO Box 417, Bedford, NY 10506

303.819.9063 [email protected]

Certification: Certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator

Years practicing: 9                          

Tell us about your practice: I am a transformational life coach who helps people stop judging themselves, find their voice, and experience more ease and joy with dating and in their relationships.

Specialties: I act as a facilitator, helping my clients identify and leave behind behaviors and situations that don’t work for them and guide them in the journey to becoming who they truly are.

Major goal: To facilitate a change in my clients’ perspective that allows them to recognize what isn’t working for them in their lives, make beneficial changes, and discover and develop what is great about them.

Professional passion:  Seeing a client become a brighter, fuller presence in the world with more joyful relationships.


Susan Lasky

Productivity & Organization Coach, Master ADD/ADHD Strategist

Susan Lasky Organizing & Productivity Solutions

914.373.4787 • [email protected]

Certification: Board Certified Coach, Senior Credentialed ADHD Coach, Edge Certified Student Coach, Holistic Time Mastery Coach, Level II Specialist in Chronic Disorganization, Golden Circle Member, National Association of Professional Organizers

Tell us about your practice: I help people who feel overworked, overwhelmed or disorganized to work with the way they think to effectively manage their time and priorities, papers, projects, systems, space and “stuff.”   Together we focus on practical ways to clarify and accomplish goals, increase productivity and self-motivate, exploring new strategies to reduce stress, renew energy and transform the way they think, work and live.

Specialties: Individualized organizing and productivity solutions and strategies.

Major goal: To help clients reduce the climate of chaos and guilt over what doesn’t work, and find doable strategies to help them overcome “overwhelm,” get things done, and live a life they love.

Professional passion: For people to stop beating themselves up over their perceived failure to live up to what they think they should be, to accept and embrace their unique selves (challenges and strengths), and discover possibilities to create a totally fulfilling life.


Catherine MacDonald, Certified Sociotherapist

Cat’s Moonshine

559 Rte. 6, Mahopac, NY 10541

845.803.8145 • [email protected]

Certification: Certificate in Mental Health, 20+ years as a director of social networking

Tell us about your practice/business: I practice life coaching by appointment, with the first 15-minute phone consultation free. I also own a small retail shop selling crystals, candles, clothing and interesting gifts such as dragon goblets, wolf statues and angel boxes.

Specialties: My expertise comes from more than 20 years of experience with addiction and relationships. I am an expert in chemical dependency, addictions and relationships. I have been where you are and can connect on an emotional and mental level to understand and help  make your situation more positive and productive.

Major goal: To help others achieve positive new life skills, develop plans to grow a positive mental outlook on life, and overcome hardships.

Professional passion: Helping others find themselves and enjoy a better quality of life.


Linda Wasil

Transformational Life Coach

PO Box 417 Bedford, NY 10506

650.400.6128 • [email protected]

Certification: Certified Access Consciousness™ Facilitator

Years practicing: 14

Tell us about your practice: I work with anyone who would like to make changes to anything that isn’t working in their life—finances, relationship, career, heath, etc.—asking questions and clearing energetic blocks so he or she can have greater awareness of what else is possible. When required I will incorporate hands-on energy work to facilitate change.

Specialties: General life coaching, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, addictions, body issues, health and financial issues—I help my clients transform any area of their life that isn’t working with ease.

Major goal: To get clients to the point where they are fully aware but free of judgment, so they can see everything simply for what it is, not what they want it to be or what it ought to be. Also to empower them to “know what they know,” so they create their life with way more fun and ease.

Professional passion: Inviting and empowering others to trust what they know in order to have more joy and ease in their life.


Train for a new Career ... in Massage Therapy

Finger Lakes School of Massage

272 N. Bedford Rd., Mt. Kisco, NY 10549

914.241.7363 • [email protected]

Summer 2012: FLSM providing complimentary massage at The Relay for Life in Yonkers, NY.
Summer 2012: FLSM providing complimentary massage at The Relay for Life in Yonkers, NY.
Certifications offered: 1,000-hour certification from an accredited school, which allows our graduates to sit for the licensing test 

Years open:  Mt. Kisco campus: 4 years; Ithaca campus: 18 years;

Tell us about your school: Our mission is to prepare students for a career in therapeutic massage with the capacity to provide leadership and vision in the profession. We nourish each student’s innate potential by creating a culture that invites exquisite care of self and others. We honor both scientific and intuitive approaches to the art of massage, providing an excellent education in an atmosphere that promotes joy, curiosity, respect and discovery. We motivate students to acquire and enhance skills to realize their full potential, thus developing capable graduates to meet the demands of the professional massage community.

Courses of study: Swedish Massage, Hydrotherapy, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Medical Massage, Business, Anatomy and Physiology, Communications, Elder Massage, Chair Massage, Professional Training Clinics, Sports Massage, Energy Palpation and Reflexology, Kinesthetic Awareness through Movement, Kinesiology, Pathology, Cancer and Massage

Percentage of graduates who find jobs or careers in their field: In order to maintain our accreditation we need to supply evidence that 70 percent of our graduates are working as massage therapists—we have documentation that 82 percent have jobs.

What else do graduates take away from their experience?  Confidence in their inherent abilities as healers.