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How to Calm and Relax Pets Naturally: Tellington TTouch is offered by The Circle of Tranquility Healing Center in Hawthorne, NY

Nov 04, 2012 10:15PM ● By Bobbi Pollack

Does your pet have loads of personality that sometimes crosses the line into problem behavior? Cats and dogs that are aggressive, hyperactive, shy, afraid of loud noises or prone to urinating or hiding when company arrives are more than just idiosyncratic. Other pets may get extremely agitated when placed in a carrier, tremble and cry on the way to the veterinarian, or act violently when being groomed.

These pets need help, and the first step is to understand that they are not much different than people when it comes to deep-seated fears. A situation that evokes a frightening or threatening past experience usually causes these extreme reactions. Fortunately, there are ways to help change the root cause of a pet’s fear by re-balancing and relaxing them.  

One very successful technique is Tellington TTouch, an easy to learn method that teaches acceptable behavior by releasing fear at the cellular level. Tellington TTouch involves a small investment of time and it can be mixed in with general playtime, making it easy to incorporate into daily routines.   

The technique is divided into three components. The first is a very gentle and usually circular touch that accesses the nervous system. To an observer, it might look like massage. The second component involves equipment such as special leashes, collars or a wrap. The final component, called the Playground of Higher Learning, involves movement on a course that looks similar to an agility course, except the goal is to improve self-esteem instead of speed.   

Each of these components can work independently of each other, but they all work better when combined. To learn more about Tellington TTouch and watch an instructional video on the method, visit

Bobbi Pollack offers Tellington TTouch, Reiki and flower essences for personalized individual consultations. She also runs The Circle of Tranquility Healing Center in Hawthorne, NY.  For more information call 914.769.1446 or visit