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Astrology for 2013 with Pamela Cucinell: Natural Awakenings' Planet Watch column for 2013

Dec 30, 2012 09:52PM ● By Pamela Cucinell


2013 – Endings Give Way to New Beginnings

January 2013 brings a strong reflective quality. Decide what needs to be composted to force new growth. Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio and, since the signs connected with these planets are transposed, a reckoning between the status quo and irrevocable transformation occurs. This is powerful, personal and global. Expect revelations about the interfacing between venerable institutions and the underworld. Questions about the fiscal soundness of war and weapons increase.

         The planet Jupiter goes direct in Gemini on January 30 indicating a shift in the sluggish economy. Certain industries will benefit, especially those connected with communications and the education of children. More shedding of skin comes with the Chinese New Year of the Snake on February 10. A snake year signals slow, methodical gestures towards compromise and creating wealth. In February, sudden inspirations provide well-needed clarity.     

         A sense of urgency prevails in March; be careful on the road. Have your agenda ready around the Spring Equinox, when everything moves fast and strong visions hold. Allies offer assistance in April, and the Lunar Eclipse on April 25 challenges those who are not in pure heart alignment. 

         There are two more eclipses in May, along with a Uranus/Pluto picture, so expect more destabilizing of structures. A Solar Eclipse on May 9 highlights issues of scarcity, food and nurturing. A Lunar Eclipse on May 24 suggests upsets in the news as well as high energy with youth and music. In June, you can go deeper with creativity and healing. Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25, initiating a cycle of increased value for family and real estate (although not yet reflected in the housing market). While business projects start to move ahead in July, wait until later in the month for ideas to take hold. Frustration in August leads to rash decisions; ride it out and capture solid ideas by summer’s end.

         A reserved and cautious climate surrounds September. If you feel held back or notice a sense of loss, know that, wherever a vacuum exists, something is ready to enter. A fabulous Lunar Eclipse on October 18 stirs up hope, exuberance and a clear course of action for anyone who is ready to move ahead. The Solar Eclipse on November 3 benefits those who’ve planned carefully. Parties at home are favored in December but people fight inertia to get out of the house when the event is somewhere else.

Stellar Events: Uranus and Pluto are Symbolic of Profound Upheaval

While Uranus at 90° to Pluto happens rarely, we are in unprecedented times. The exact dates are May 20 and November 1, but slow-moving planets have long-range effects that are not confined to one day. These planets symbolize change, revolution, death and transformation. In this geometric position they indicate a breakdown of institutions. Timeworn beliefs turn on their head, and what seems impossible to change suddenly does. It is highly important that individuals do what they can to support the causes that matter to them. The times demand action.

         The Spring Equinox on March 20 has a lovely line-up of Pisces planets to promote feelings of love and harmony, but a volatile combination of Mars/Pluto reminds us that warrior energy is sometimes essential to deliver a spiritual message. Expect sweeping changes to occur in early spring.

Retrogrades in 2013

Doing the Backstroke

When a planet appears to move backward from Earth’s perspective, you have an opportunity to reflect on that area of life. Depending on your comfort zone, this can be a rich experience or a frustrating time. The “station” occurs when the retrograde begins or ends.

         The planet Mercury symbolizes the messenger, communications and transit. When Mercury is retrograde, do not assume that messages are received, appointments are clear and directions are dependable. Expect glitches with communications technology, too. My IT friend calls this his “favorite superstition” because of what he’s observed during a Mercury retrograde period.

         In 2013 we also experience a retrograde with Venus, the planet symbolizing love, money and beauty. Although Venus retrograde inhibits spending and the desire to party, it doesn’t occur until December 21. Jupiter retrograde in early and late 2013 is tough on some businesses, as people hold money close to the vest. It is not advisable to start a business when either Venus or Jupiter are retrograde.

         Mercury Retrograde – February 23 to March 17 (in Pisces); June 26 to July 20 (in Cancer) and October 21 to November 10 (in Scorpio) Double check appointments, and back up data!

         Venus Retrograde (in Capricorn) – December 21 to January 2014. Not an ideal time for a makeover, unless you were born with Venus retrograde. People from the past tend to pop up. Avoid any major investments or speculation. Good time to reassess what you value and why.

         Jupiter Retrogade – January 1 to 30 and November 7 into 2014 Challenging for businesses having to do with speculation, investment, travel or communications. It’s a good time for study and introspection.

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