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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Natural Awakenings Nutritionist & Food Coach Profiles for 2013: Find your ideal food specialist to inspire and inform you to healthy eating

It just makes sense that our choice of fuel for our bodies has a big impact on our health. Our ancestors knew it, but somehow that simple truth was lost in the complex world of 20th century medicine. Fortunately, what goes around comes around, and now any progressive health plan incorporates the concept of “food as medicine”—which is why nutritionists and food coaches are high on the list of trusted health professionals.

Natasha Bernardez

Clean Plate Culinary Inc., Westchester, NY

347.644.8306 [email protected]

Certification: Food Therapy, Health and Culinary Arts, Food Styling, Psychology and Human Services, Aromatherapy (currently working on certification)

Years practicing: 7 (Food Therapy since 2011)

Tell us about your business: Clean Plate Culinary offers top-class farm-to-table dining experiences, with flawless execution, to business and private clients in Westchester, Connecticut, NYC and northern New Jersey. We provide catering, cooking classes and other professional services.

Focus or specialty: Our reputation and growth are the result of our attention to detail, quality gourmet food and friendly, professional service. We specialize in vegetarian, vegan and farm-to-table, infusing food with essential oils, and providing natural and organic choices for all our services. We service clients with different needs, from the health conscious to those with terminal illness.

Goal in helping others: We are passionate about helping our family, friends and communities restore a sense of health and wellness through their eating habits.

Professional passion: As the founder and president of Clean Plate Culinary, I believe that everyone should enjoy healthy meals that are clean, simple and delicious. Food should be gratifying and savored with friends and family, while being good for your body, mind and spirit.


Erica Trestyn

Founder, Cultivate Nourishment

914.522.3204 [email protected]

Certification: MA, Art Education, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Years practicing: 2

Tell us about your practice: As a food and lifestyle coach, I meet my clients where they are, establishing realistic goals and empowering them to transform their lives through healthy eating and mindful living. I don’t dwell on calories or restrict food selection; instead I provide the tools and strategies for living a happier, healthier life. I inspire my clients through my personal struggles of healing myself from morbid obesity and losing more than 130 pounds.

Focus or specialty: I specialize in helping people break free from emotional and binge eating. I share with my clients my unique approach as a recovering food addict and compulsive overeater, so they know I have been where they are.

Major goal in helping others: My goal is to share with others my knowledge of health and wellness, which will allow them to cultivate better nourishment for their mind, body and spirit.

Professional passion: I am extremely passionate about empowering others to make healthy lifestyle changes that can transform their lives and allow them to live to their fullest potential.


Kendall Callahan

Kendall’s OM Kitchen, an Interactive Health Bar

The Village Yard, 140 King St., Chappaqua, NY 10514

914.238.8800 [email protected]

Certification: BA, Tufts University,Colour Nutritional Therapist, Iris International School, Diploma with Distinction

Years practicing: “All my life! (But the Kitchen opened in June 2012.)”

Tell us about your business: We teach you about chakras, mantras and organic superfoods one delicious bite at a time. In each class we explore the superfoods, color energetics and a mantra specific to each recipe, and then together we make a batch of Mantra Munchies for you to take home. Once you’ve taken a class, you can make another batch on your own or with friends during our Open Hearth hours. We also offer private consultations in chakra nourishment.

Focus or specialty: Because disease is a physical manifestation of an energetic blockage, the body provides us a map for healing (there’s nothing to “fix”). Menopause, weight loss, ADD/ADHD, cancer, fibromyalgia and even emotional eating are all clues leading us to the root of our symptoms. I offer private consultations, cooking classes, customized guidance and online resources. The Kitchen is gluten-, dairy-free, low glycemic and mostly vegan.

Major goal in helping others: I aim to empower others to heal themselves through awareness and food. I truly believe that when we begin to eat in alignment with the soul, the healing begins.

Professional passion: I see food as a metaphor for life: what truly feeds us? It’s not that we overeat; it’s that we under-eat what’s good for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. By becoming aware of what we are ingesting, we create space for transformation and begin to nourish and know who we are. Watching someone catch a glimpse of and then actually embrace a spark of their authentic self is truly the best light show on earth! 


Jodi McGinty

Founder, Food of Love Consulting & Education

Private consultations at O2 Living, 792 Rte. 35, Cross River, NY 10518

914.763.6320 [email protected]

Certification: Organic Whole and Living Foods Chef Education

Years practicing: 20+

Tell us about your practice: I teach patients, chefs, families and wellness centers how to transition to or expand upon a healthy whole and living foods diet and lifestyle. That includes health-supportive foods and foods as medicine, based upon an individual’s needs as well as his or her current and past history from referring physician or dietician.

Focus or specialty: I help take the stress out of achieving the best diet potential for each individual. That’s central not only to improving overall health, good blood lipids, and the immune and detoxification systems, but also to maintaining or restoring the true ease and enjoyment that comes from creating a healthy lifestyle and delicious diet, whether the individual is dealing with weight or digestive issues or a disease like cancer.

Major goal in helping others: My major goal is to help individuals embrace the joy of nurturing and nourishing themselves with the highest quality foods for their best physical health, which also benefits their mental and emotional health. The physical and the mental/emotional are all vital to the truly healthy, happy experience we are all here to create.

Professional passion: I want to further our understanding of the wisdom from the plant and animal kingdoms. We humans have yet to understand the true fullness of the blessing that is to fuel our bodies properly, so that our physical health does not impede our wonderful journey here. There are plenty of other things in life that require our attention—this was meant to be the easy part!