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Massage, Full Moon Drumming and Visualization Circles in Yonkers: Donna Costa Massage Therapy incorporates Native American spirituality

Donna Costa Massage Therapy

After taking nearly a year off to heal a broken leg, Donna Costa is practicing massage therapy again. Costa returns with a remodeled therapy room, several new programs and package deals for bringing the relaxation of massage to clients’ homes.

Costa has also studied Native American spirituality and healing methods for more than two decades with such indigenous elders as Wallace Black Elk, Sun Bear, Bear Heart, Beautiful Painted Arrow and Nicki Scully. “I incorporate these healing modalities into my massage therapy and in ceremonies to help those dealing with addictions and with healing the child within,” she says.

As of this month, Costa is also offering Full Moon Drumming Circles and facilitating a monthly sharing group. “This group is for conjuring our hopes, dreams and goals,” she says. “It’s a safe place to share, support, and fine-tune ideas and dreams to create the future that participants envision. I’ll call on everyone to pool our energies and share visualizations to achieve common and personal goals.” Costa says that her monthly groups will start with a heart circle, followed by a meditation focused on sending ideas and dreams “out into the universe” to assist participants in achieving their highest and deepest hopes.

Donna Costa Massage Therapy is located at 58 Wickes Ave. in Yonkers, NY. For more information, call 914.907.4485, email [email protected] or visit