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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

A Local Source for Liquid Probiotics in NY

Source for Benefits is a new local distributor of Living Streams liquid probiotics. The company was founded by Marisa Anderson, whose former health challenges sent her searching for pure, natural and effective remedies.

“For years I was told that I suffered only ‘stress,’ and I later came to know the severity of my illness through a massive heart attack,” says Anderson. “My journey led me to this unique liquid probiotic, in a form so easily absorbed by the skin that it can be placed in the eyes, ears, nose, lungs and mouth. My doctors now call me their ‘miracle patient.’”

Anderson says that Living Streams liquid probiotics, which consist of friendly bacterial flora, are the product of years of research. “These probiotics are naturally suited to breaking down waste products, whether in the human body, animals, water or soil,” she says. “They can even be used to treat contaminated water, remediate raw sewage and grow crops more efficiently.” Source for Benefits carries many Living Stream formulas, including Derma Gold, Flora PM, Glacier Milk, Alfalfa and Living Pet Probiotic for animals.

“I want everyone to experience the health miracles I’ve enjoyed,” says Anderson. “Life’s hardest lessons are the most precious experiences and, when you learn from them, it is your duty to pass it forward.”

For more information, visit or call 845.566.4134.