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Robin Queen Brings Psychospiritual Counseling to SunRaven in Bedford, NY

Robin Queen

Robin Queen, former spa director of Monteverde at Oldstone and the creative director of many holistic programs and events, has taken her passion for health and wellness and established a unique practice, Transcendence, where she guides others toward optimal health and peace of mind. As an extensively trained psychospiritual counselor, she has a profound sense of compassion and tolerance that helps promote self-esteem and a greater sense of individuality and connectedness in her clientele. She and her partner, holistic physician Dr. Michael Finkelstein (founder of SunRaven, the Center for Holistic and Skillful Living), have joined their practices to bring their strengths and skills together for the benefit of their clients and the community.

You’re wearing quite a few hats nowadays, professionally speaking!

Yes, I’m the founder and creative director of Transcendence at SunRaven, and I’m a psychospiritual counselor—which is the foundation for all my work and groups. I’m also an ordained nondenominational minister.

Tell us a little about psychospiritual counseling.

Psychospiritual counseling blends Western psychology with the wisdom of world spiritual traditions. It is a gentle approach to self-inquiry, guiding clients to be more loving and less judgmental as they look deep into themselves and their role in this life.

So what’s the benefit of this unique approach?

Psychospiritual counseling enables the client to spiritually reconnect to their true essence: making them whole from within; healing uncomfortable feelings, traumas and negative self-beliefs or judgments; and providing the tools necessary to look at obstacles as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Throughout this process, as self-discovery is made, experiences are not judged as good or bad. As the psychospiritual counselor, I hold space to allow the process to come about and help the individual look positively at what has occurred.

Where did you receive your training in this kind of counseling?

I was trained through the Helix Healing Ministry, which is an intensive four-year program based in New York City. However, I think it is important to say that I am a perpetual student. I have been studying mindfulness and related modalities for well over 25 years and continue to expand my awareness for my benefit and the benefit of my clients.

When you counsel a client, what is your overarching goal?

It is my wish, my desire, that through this inner work and self-introspection, my clients will have a deeper ability to know and love themselves, to stop living out unfulfilling stories and beliefs from the past, and to turn obstacles into stepping stones toward fulfillment so that they will experience more peace, joy and happiness in their lives.

I understand that you integrate the feminine into your practice—for example, you lead a Women’s Wisdom Group. What happens there?

The Women’s Wisdom Group was designed to allow free expression in a sacred, peaceful, nonjudgmental space in order to encourage spiritual growth for women dealing with the challenges of everyday life.

Recently I asked the ladies in the Wisdom Group how they would describe their experience and the following is what they wrote – it’s a beautiful testimony to what we all offer each other during this gathering:

“The weekly Women’s Group is an intimate gathering of like-minded women who come together to listen and share in a trusting environment. The sacred space allows for mutually beneficial conversations that create a special, nurturing bond. We explore questions like, How do you nurture and care for yourself? How do you express your individuality? We look honestly at the hidden parts of our selves. We find ways to give voice to our selves. We find the vocabulary to make the creative distinction needed to clear away chaos and confusion; we can now organize our thoughts to express our newly found self-awareness; in hearing others, we receive confirmation of something we already know but were unable to access. Collectively we give ourselves a powerful ground to stand on as we continue our journey. Most important, we are extremely grateful—grateful for the opportunity to share and be together each week in this trusting, sacred environment.”

What’s new at Transcendence At SunRaven for spring and summer?

We’re presently undergoing renovations that will provide our clients with even more spacious meeting areas. We are looking forward to returning to the garden to start cultivating herbs and flowers as well as broadening our garden community to include young adults. And then there’s the newest addition to our “family”: Oakley, a fluffy, incorrigibly cute Labradoodle who is bringing even more levity to our sacred space.

Contact Robin Queen at 914.772.1257 (for an appointment) or 914.218.3113 (for group information). For more info, visit Transcendence At SunRaven is located at 501 Guard Hill Rd., Bedford, NY.