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Dr. Michael Finkelstein’s New Book on Skillful Living for Greater Health: Pre-order a copy to enter to win a free, two-hour personal wellness consultation with Dr. Finkelstein.

Dr. Michael Finkelstein’s long awaited book, 77 Questions for Skillful Living, is now available for purchase. In the book, Finkelstein takes readers beyond conventional medicine to examine the network of factors that lie behind many common illnesses. Each chapter includes the key components of a successful medical consultation, from illuminating lessons to practical prescriptions, along with illustrative anecdotes from real patients. 

               “I want my readers and patients to take their health back,” says Finkelstein. “77 Questions for Skillful Living examines the physical, psychological, environmental, and spiritual factors behind many common illnesses, and empowers people to take their health into their own hands and alleviate chronic conditions through conventional and integrative means.”

               Since beginning his private practice more than 20 years ago in northern Westchester, Finkelstein has helped tens of thousands of patients with his renowned concept of “Skillful Living,” a unique and original blend of conventional and holistic medicine. Finkelstein is a nationally recognized radio show host and sought after expert contributor who’s been featured on Today, CNN, the New York Times, Martha Stewart, and ABC News.

               77 Questions for Skillful Living is available online wherever books are sold, and those who pre-order a copy enter to win a free, two-hour personal wellness consultation with Finkelstein.

For more information on Dr. Michael Finkelstein and 77 Questions for Skillful Living, visit or email [email protected]