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Wellness Services for Mothers-To-Be at Well On The Way in Westchester: Elizabeth Pasquale recognizes the special concerns that today’s mothers have and works with those concerns

Elizabeth Pasquale

Elizabeth Pasquale, LMT, CST of Well On The Way® in Ossining and White Plains, is pleased to offer wellness services to women who are pregnant or wish to be. Pasquale, who has been a CranioSacral therapist for nearly 20 years, also practices Aston Therapeutic Massage and Movement, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Visceral Manipulation.

“I recognize the special concerns that today’s mothers have and I work specifically and successfully with those concerns,” says Pasquale. “Many are starting their families later in life, and sometimes there is the issue of even becoming pregnant. Once they are, doctors and family members may fear for the mother’s and baby’s safety and convey these fears to the mother. Some worries involve the placement of the fetus, amid other concerns.”

Pasquale’s practice offers specialized care for women who are planning a family, expecting a child or experiencing motherhood for the first time. She’s created a video pregnancy series that is featured on “I concentrate on preparing the body to do its job to the level of its most relaxed, highest functioning ability,” says Pasquale. “The body is the subconscious mind, and it must be addressed and aligned more closely with the mother’s conscious goal of a healthy pregnancy and easy, natural delivery.”

Well on the Way is located at 191 Main St., 2nd floor, in Ossining, NY, and 222 Westchester Ave. in White Plains, NY. For more information, call 914.762.4693 and visit