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Gaining Wealth by Stopping Financial Losses : with Bruce Hillyer, Holistic Financial Advisor

Oct 29, 2013 11:07PM

Bruce Hillyer

Wealthflow Strategies serves the Hudson Valley by offering a safe, logical and holistic approach to finances. The company views all aspects of finances as connected and integrated, taking a different approach than those who might chase the highest rate of return and incur the ups and downs of the stock market.

Rather than spend time trying to pick winning investments, Wealthflow Strategies helps people to avoid losing money in such areas as mortgages, taxes, qualified plans, education, credit cards, debt and vehicle financing. These losses can surpass what people accumulate in their lifelong savings and investments, says Bruce Hillyer, Holistic Financial Advisor. 

“If you were going to fill a bucket with holes in it, what would you do first? Obviously, you’d plug the holes so that the bucket will fill,” says Hillyer. “Unfortunately, most people are trying to fill their financial buckets without plugging the holes where leaks are occurring. True opportunity lies in stopping the losses, not just pouring more money in.”

Hillyer says that he seeks to educate clients about how money really works, and to create a surplus of found money that can be redirected into a safe, predictable strategy for the future.

To contact Bruce Hillyer at Wealthflow Strategies, call 845.231.0855 or email [email protected].

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