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Natural Awakenings Westchester / Putnam / Dutchess New York

Natural Awakenings' Life Coach Profiles: For Westchester and Dutchess Counties, NY

Looking for a new career, going through a divorce, wanting to create a more passionate life – or just feeling stuck?


Find the ideal life coach to help you live your best life ever.


Susan De Robertis, Venus in Transit Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coach/Transition Coach

914.450.9292 • [email protected]

Certification: Certified Divorce Mediator and Coach, Certified Transformational Healer, AADP, Certified Empowered Mastery Coach

Years practicing: 10

Tell us about your practice: I work with women in divorce (before, during and after) to help them transition into a life they love and have peace of mind and financial freedom. Being divorced myself and having had a career in accounting and finance for 20 years, I coach women to be independent and savvy when it comes to handling their money.

Specialties: Coaching for women in divorce and transition; money coaching for women starting over.

Major goal: My major goal in helping women is to heal the past and create a great future to live into.

Professional passion: Divorce can be the place where you start over and create a joyful life that’s a reflection of who you are now—not who you were then.


Maureen Peters Gittelman

Life Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coach

1361 Salt Point Turnpike, Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

[email protected]  • 845.391.3730 •

Certification: Certified Professional Coach, Personal Leadership Certificate

Years practicing: 3

Tell us about your practice: My coaching and consulting practice is focused on helping professionals and entrepreneurs integrate who they are with what they do. I offer one-on-one career, work-life balance and small-business strategy sessions, workshops and services to help clients successfully navigate their professional path and integrate professional goals with personal goals. 

Specialties: General life coaching, work-life integration, career and leadership coaching, “solopreneur” coaching.

Major goal: As a life coach and leadership development professional, my goal is to inspire, motivate and challenge you to discover your personal leadership, be passionate and purposeful and create a life that you love.

Professional passion: I am passionate about helping people discover their own leadership potential—to live with purpose, lead with passion and love what they do.


Coaching Partners

Kathy D’Agostino, Life Coach

White Plains, NY • 914.523.5880 • [email protected]

Certifications: Certified Professional Coach, member of International Coaching Federation

Years practicing: 1

Tell us about your practice: My coaching practice is focused on the “coach-client partnership” so clients feel the safety, security and trust to know that they are not alone as they work through relationship issues or life or career transitions. I help them move from simply coping and tolerating to experiencing success and happiness, creating solutions that allow them to live the life they were meant to live.

Specialties: General life coaching, with specialties in relationship coaching, career transition and personal development for women and men.

Major goal: My major goal in helping others is to facilitate their ability to find solutions, get results and trust themselves, so they know there are answers to every issue when they make the commitment to the coaching process.

Professional passion: I am most passionate about “creating the space” for my clients to know that living their best life is possible—it’s so rewarding to celebrate their successes and achievements! 


Susan Lasky Organizing & Productivity Solutions

Life & Business Coach, Master ADD/ADHD Strategist

Ossining, NY

914.373.4787 • [email protected] •

Certification: Board-Certified Coach, Senior-Credentialed ADHD Coach, Edge-Certified Student Coach, Holistic Time Mastery Coach, Level II Specialist in Chronic Disorganization, Golden Circle Member, National Association of  Professional Organizers

Years practicing: 20+

Tell us about your practice: I help bright and talented people who are overworked, overwhelmed or disorganized get out of their own way and get things done, by working with the way they think. They learn to effectively manage priorities, projects, space and “stuff.” Together we focus on practical ways to clarify and accomplish goals, increase productivity and self-motivation, while exploring new strategies to reduce stress, renew energy and transform the way they think, work and live.

Specialties: Helping clients become more productive and organized, whether at work, home or school—especially those with ADD/ADHD or Executive Function challenges. I work by phone, Skype or on-site, and also have group programs.

Major goal: My goal is to help my clients reduce the climate of chaos and guilt over what doesn’t work, and find do-able strategies to help them overcome overwhelm, get things done and live a life they love.

Professional passion: I want people to stop beating themselves up over their perceived failure to live up to what they think they should be, to accept and embrace their unique selves (challenges and strengths), and to uncover the mindset and strategies to accomplish what they really want, creating a totally fulfilling life.