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Local Author Spotlight: Dear World, See What I See: by Shanti Urreta, author, speaker, human

Sometimes life just seems to grab you and take you on a path that you have no choice but to travel. So it was with Shanti Urreta. See what she sees on that path. Let her share with you the health, life, planet and spiritual lessons she experienced on her journey. Let it be a model for your journey. Don’t wait for life to grab you. Go gently on that path. Dear World, See What I See is a series of letters to the world. It can be transforming to those who are ready to see and those who are ready to be the change that they want to see in the world.

She describes the book as “an important message based on Albert Schweitzer’s philosophy on a ‘Reverence for Life.’ It talks about the consequences we are facing as a society because of this lack of reverence and asks the reader to look at their choices.”

“The most rewarding thing about what I do is when my words affect someone so deeply that it transforms their life… and in turn makes a positive difference in the world for all the beings on the planet.”

“I believe,” she continues, “that we each can live more peacefully. I see myself making a difference in this world by sharing the consciousness on how to live a more peaceful lifestyle and what it can mean – for the good of themselves, the beings on this planet, and the planet itself.

Shanti Urreta, wife and mother of two grown children, retired last year from her 20-year career in public education to follow her passion. Her extraordinary journey, however, began eight years ago when a routine trip to the doctor for her annual physical revealed she was slightly anemic. Following up with a specialist, she was given the news that she had a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma. As it turns out, she was misdiagnosed, but the event was nevertheless life-changing.

After retiring from the public school system, she spent the next year writing her book, Dear World, See What I See, which chronicles her journey.” She is now pursuing a new career in public speaking to promote the book and its message.

For more information or to sign up for her newsletter, visit or call 845.216.7984.

The book is available at and