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Heart Tantra Healing Comes to Rhinebeck, NY: Keith Gregory brings over 25 years of professional practice to his work

Jan 28, 2014 10:41PM

Keith Gregory

Keith Gregory, LMT has begun seeing clients in Rhinebeck, NY. Gregory, who developed his unique healing work, Heart Tantra, as a result of his own healing journey, also has a practice in New York City.

“My personal and professional commitment is always to empower others to empower themselves,” says Gregory. “In Heart Tantra, gratitude and self-love are the essential elixirs that transform pain and suffering. As a person embraces all they wish to heal in their heart space, using the qualities of the Divine that are accessible there, the healing power of love does the rest. It really is that simple.”

Gregory brings more than 25 years of professional practice to his work with clients. “All healing comes from Source as a force of love and only what a person embraces in their open heart space can they ever truly transform and heal,” he says. “As one breathes consciously, focusing awareness on a particular pain, emotional issue or limiting belief that they want to transform, the energy pattern causing the distress opens up and begins to let go, every time. This is the power of Heart Tantra.”

For more information and to schedule a session, contact Keith Gregory at 928.821.3075 or visit