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Summer Panchakarma Rejuvenation Retreats in Brewster: At with Scott Gerson, M.D.

Jun 03, 2014 03:57PM retreat location in Brewster

This summer in Brewster, NY, is offering medically supervised four-day or seven-day ayurvedic detoxification and rebalancing programs. The four-day retreats will take place June 5 to 8 and July 17 to 20, 2014, and the seven-day retreat takes place July 17 to 23. Both are held in Brewster amid trees, gardens, and sunlight.

The Panchakarma Rejuvenation Retreats will be overseen by Scott Gerson, M.D., a leading authority on Panchakarma and holistic medicine. Panchakarma is the ancient system of Ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies designed to facilitate the removal of deep-rooted stresses and toxins in the body. Ayurveda recommends these therapies three times a year at the change of seasons, in order to maintain well-being in healthy individuals and restore balance in those experiencing illness.

Retreat participants will enjoy an Ayurvedically balanced environment, away from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life. They will receive Panchakarma treatments tailored to their particular needs, as determined by Dr. Gerson. These include hot, herb-infused oil massages, steam treatments, shirodhara, and other specialized procedures specified by the person’s constitution and health status.

Simple and nutritious vegetarian meals will be prepared for Panchakarma detoxification, and the schedule is purposely designed to give participants an abundance of free time for reflection, journaling and enjoying the outdoors. A variety of exercise activities will also be available and encouraged.

Ayurveda.MD is located at 584 Milltown Rd. in Brewster, NY. For more info and to register for the retreats, call 845.278.8700, email [email protected] or visit

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