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The Whey to Go for Athletes: Info from Dr. Silverman of New York ChiroCare, in White Plains

Athletes looking for a natural way to maintain lean muscle have a great ally in whey protein, says Dr. Robert Silverman, DC, a chiropractor and sports injury consultant who is also a certified nutrition specialist and clinic nutritionist.

 “The amino acid profile of whey protein is almost identical to that of skeletal muscle,” Silverman says. “Its high concentration of branched-chain amino acids—or BCAAs—helps maintain and repair lean muscle tissue following exercise and prevent muscle breakdown. These BCAAs help prevent fatigue during intense, longer-duration sporting events.” Whey protein also contains an abundance of leucine, an amino acid that works to enhance muscle repair and recovery, he says.

Whey protein also is a natural weight-management tool, Silverman says. It can stimulate the feeling of satiety (fullness), reducing the urge to overeat, he says, and because it is a rich source of BCAAs, it helps increase fat loss and promote lean tissue as part of a diet and exercise program.

Dr. Silverman practices at New York ChiroCare, 280 Dobbs Ferry Rd. Ste. 204, White Plains, NY. Contact him at 914.287.6464 or [email protected] For more info, visit